Threats Prevent Amputation for Patients with Diabetes

FOR people with diabetes or diabetes milletus, prone to injury and had to be prevented watch. Therefore, a diabetic will have difficulties to be wound dries quickly.
Of course, not a few people with diabetes milletus be faced with the threat of amputation. To prevent this, RS Puri Cinere Depok provide the best solution. Since December 18, 2011, unveiled a new health care facilities, the Foot Clinic and Diabetes Education in RS Puri Cinere.
Director Dr RS Puri Cinere Judiwan Maswar said, Diabetes Education Clinic Foot and RS Puri Cinere addressed to people with diabetes and their families who visit the hospital, as well as communities that require knowledge about the disease. And management of complications to support behavior change in lifestyle with diabetes mellitus to a better direction in order to achieve optimal physical condition.
“Foot Clinic Diabetes Education and is intended for people with diabetes to live carefully. Diabetes is one disease with complications enough. You’ll catch a stroke too. It is therefore important given the education, “said the man who served as Secretary General of the Hospital Association of Indonesia (ARSI) is to Okezone in Depok, West Java, recently.
Judiwan added that diabetes should not be regarded as a frightening disease, but how in the clinic can be educated that penyakt could be friends. In the form of diet and exercise regularly.
“Diabetes is if there are injuries, the healing length, dry hard, even if continued could lead to amputation. It be prevented, “he said.
Therefore, RS Puri Cinere also took gymnastics Diabetes Association (Persadia) Depok to hold exercises for people with diabetes. Gymnastics is held every Tuesday and Thursday is open to the general public.