Retirement Adverse Mental and Physical Health

A recent study found that retirement has adverse impact on mental and physical health.
The study, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), a research institute based in London, England, found that retirement can lead to “drastic decline in health” in the medium and long term.
The study suggests that people should work longer because it is good for health and the economy.
The British government has plans to raise the official retirement age. In addition, the government also changed policy related to pensions.
The study, also published in collaboration with the local charity Age Endeavour Fellowship, comparing those who retired with people who continue to work after their retirement past age. It also takes into account other factors that might be.
Philip Booth, program director at the IEA, said that the government should change the terms of the labor market and allow people to work longer.
There is no age ‘normal’ for retirement
“Working longer is not only nice to meet economic needs, but also make people live healthier,” he said.
Edward Datnow, chairman of Age Endeavour Fellowship, said: “There should be no retirement age is no longer ‘normal’ in the future.
“Companies need to consider how they are to harness the untapped potential of the parents in the UK. While they are planning to retire should think further about whether it’s their best option.”
This study shows that there is little improvement in health not long after people decided to retire. But in the long run there will be a significant reduction.
Retirement increases the risk of clinical depression assessed by 40% and 60% chance to suffer physically.
This impact is the same for women and men, while the risk for becoming ill increases with the length of time during the retirement years.


Fire Safety in the Workplace

It’s an all too common fact that fires often break out in the workplace and can result in the serious injury or deaths of anyone present. Whether you work in an office, factory or shop the risks are still the same. All major fires generally start out small and can quickly escalate into a major inferno.
Now what can you do to make your working environment a safer place for yourself and your employees when it comes to fire safety? Well quite a lot actually. Below we will go over some basic safety tips that will help ensure you protect your staff in case the worst ever happens and you experience a fire.
Most offices and workplaces will have a range of flammable items present in them. These could be things such as paper, cleaning chemicals or waste materials such as shredded paper or old envelopes to name but a few. Anything that is capable of burning should be considered a potential risk. Any flammable item should be safely stowed away in an area that is well ventilated so as to minimise the risk of ignition. A working ventilation fan should be present as this will help staff escape more safely in the event of a fire due to the smoke and fumes being cleared quicker. Adequate emergency lighting should be installed and battery powered torches present for staff so as they can find their way out if the power blackens out the building. Never use a naked flame such as a lighter as this could ignite further fires during escape.
Do not leave unwanted rubbish or items such as waste paper or boxes to accumulate in the workplace as this represents a serious fire hazard as well as potentially blocking escape routes. Ensure that all staff are aware of the fire escape routes and install a fire alarm if you don’t already have one. If the office has one in place already make sure it is tested regularly each year by a qualified fire alarm engineer and that none of the detectors are covered, blocked or been painted over.
It is now law in the UK that all work premises are non-smoking. Provide signs to highlight this and make sure that wherever staff go as a designated smoking area that there is no hazardous waste such as old paper or cloth. This could catch alight if a cigarette is discarded accidentally.
A major cause of office fires is due to a short circuit at the plug or in electrical machinery such as computers or heaters. Ensure that any unused power socket is switched off and have your sockets tested annually to make sure they are in proper working condition. Never ever plug multiple plugs into a power socket as this increases the risk of an overload and potential short circuit. Electrical fires can be very dangerous and so you should also provide the correct type of fire extinguisher for such a hazard. A CO2 extinguisher is especially designed for this very purpose.


Personal Safety Around the World

Many people are concerned with personal safety when travelling around the world. Being away from the security of your home or home country it’s natural to feel vulnerable at first, so to a degree it’s understandable. Regardless of what country you will visit, it will soon become clear to you that people are very friendly and they are mostly willing to help in exchange for nothing. It is rare to find hostile locals. The best thing you can do is to use common sense. The thing is that common sense is not common at all!
I have a nice and true tale to tell here. Back in the ’90s my father was travelling in Western China with a group of friends. They all had an argument with the Chinese van driver, who insisted in showing them what he wanted them to see, totally ignoring their wishes… typical of the Chinese regime. So one day they ventured on foot on their own in the middle of nowhere, just admiring the natural beauty of a particular corner of the desert.
Suddenly at a distance and braking the surreal silence that usually surrounds deserts, my father saw a group of about 20 people on horses wearing robes and guns, manically galloping towards them. They looked as if they just came out of a “Lawrence of Arabia” movie scene. Once they reached them, they surrounded them and kept trotting around them in a circle for a few seconds until they stopped. Their personal safety was more than at risk here. They looked intimidating to say the least and they probably didn’t have the best intentions. They sat on their horses staring at the group of defenceless tourists and the two groups stared at each other without saying a word and just waiting for someone in charge to make a decision on what to do.
All of a sudden, before the group leader ordered to slit the tourists’ throats, my father took out of his chest pocket a packet Marlboro cigarettes (the most appreciated cigarettes in any third world country) and offered them a smoke. Suddenly as for magic, the atmosphere changed dramatically and everyone turned friendly and welcoming. That was a situation that could have turned very nasty, given the battle-like attitude with which they arrived, but with a positive attitude everything ended with a nice shake of hands and personal safety was no longer an issue.
Does it matter what passport you carry? Yes, unfortunately it does. As a rule of thumb, keep your documents out of sight, unless asked to produce them and always use a passport wallet; it will hide your nationality to the curious who don’t necessarily need to know where you are from… even though your appearance and body language might give it away. I have been to certain places (not necessarily war zones) where local inhabitants told me – without being asked – that they wouldn’t have been please if I was from a certain country. Unfortunately citizens of certain countries have a harder time around the world, due to their country’s international attitude, but this should not make people stay at home. The important thing is to always show a positive attitude and a big smile; chances are you will get the same back. Positive attitude (just like negative attitude) is very contagious and mostly you will find that whatever you give you will get back. I am lucky enough to have two passports, as I have dual nationality (Italian and British). So depending on the country I am visiting, I can choose which passport to use. For instance when visiting India, because of historical reasons, I will not use my British passport, if anything not to be charged for a visa, which as an Italian I would not need. This is perfectly legal and unless asked, I will not say that I am a British citizen at all.
In every country in the world, regardless how small and insignificant it is, people feel they are the most important around and that their ways are the best. They mostly think that your country is wrong and your culture needs some fixing up. Let them, this is only human nature. You are just about the same, if you haven’t traveled enough.
Should you carry a weapon? The answer is and will always be NO! I’ve met a few people in the past that travelled with a concealed gun. Many countries around the world made it illegal to carry a firearm and by all means, you as a traveller should respect local rules; if anything else, to stay out of trouble. Your rules do not apply in a foreign country. A gun is hardly useful anyway. When you carry a gun you better be prepared to use it, or you might get shot when pulling it out. My advice is simply “don’t”. A person (regardless if they are tourists) discovered with a gun, is in for some serious trouble in most countries. For example in the United Kingdom there is a 5 years prison sentence, regardless if you used it or not. Just the act of carrying a gun is illegal. Actually in the UK it is illegal to carry even a stunt gun or a pepper spray, because they could be used as offensive weapons. The reason behind this is that if everyone is prohibited to carry weapons, then there is a lesser chance of anyone using them. In the UK even the Police do not usually carry firearms, that’s why they are so serious about any other people carrying them. This is the way they like it and you as a tourist MUST respect this.
This has nothing to do with freedom, I feel very safe knowing that most people out there do not have a gun, while when travelling in countries like the USA I feel extremely vulnerable knowing that anyone around me could be carrying a lethal weapon, including not so exemplary citizens. When I lived in the USA as a student, twice I had witnessed young students pulling out a gun in a student’s environment. This doesn’t make me feel safe at all. In the city of Kennesaw, Georgia, United States it is illegal to go around without a gun. The law states that every citizen must own a gun… if you are found without one, you will get a fine. This peculiar attitude is unusual pretty much anywhere else in the world. When visiting a foreign country you must remember first of all that you are visiting somebody else’s home and like it or not you must respect their rules, religion, habits and culture. You will find that by doing so life will be much more pleasant. Remember that YOU are going to their home, they didn’t come to you… and if they did, you would expect them to respect your culture, so do the same.


Study: Got a Lot of Boys, can Shorten the Life of the Mother

Almost every family wants the boy to be proud of, and one day replace the role of the father, as the support for the family. But a new study from Finland found that the boy had not necessarily make a happy family because only by having a son, the mother may not live long.
had many sonsEven according to this study of a woman who had several boys age 8.5 months less than the women who had a number of girls only, irrespective of wealth and social status. But similar conditions do not affect life expectancy father.
The conclusion was obtained after investigators observed birth data in which more than 11,000 mothers of 8 parishes in Finland in the 17th century to the 20th where most people still agrarian and do not have access to modern health facilities.
From there it is known a mother who had six sons will live for an average of 32.4 years after the birth of their last child, while women who had some girls can live for an average of 33.1 years after the last delivery.
Researchers speculate that when conceived, baby boys produce more testosterone than girls when it can weaken the immune system of the mother. Moreover, male infants grow faster in the womb so that it feels heavier when conceived, that puts more strain on the mother’s body.
“This study shows more and more young men who owned a woman the post-reproductive survival rate is getting lower. Moreover, socio-cultural factors may also play a role in this because as adults, girls are often still sustain the life of his mother, another case with child men, “says researcher Dr. Samuli Helle of the University of Turku, Finland as reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (02/28/2013).
Even so, Dr. Helle suspect this phenomenon appears to apply only for the developing countries. For developed countries such as the UK and Finland of today, this phenomenon may be rare because a smaller number of families and healthcare facilities as well as access to healthy food is much better.