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Exposing Infants in the Morning, Need?

RAY morning sun supposedly good for the bones. Many people believe that if in order to get strong bones, babies need to be dried in the sun.
Where parents who do not want to have a healthy baby? Various methods were adopted in order to give the best to the child. Unfortunately, this practice is still associated with a variety of myths that developed in the community.
One myth that is known is the exposure allows the baby in the morning, which he said was good for growth and development. However, did it need to be done?
“Sunlight is good for bones, but more bad effects,” said dr. Mohammad Ramadan Rachadian Beautymorphosis when met at the event, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday, March 7, 2013.
According to dr. Rachadian, the benefits of drying the baby is not balanced by the adverse effects that may result.
“The baby’s skin is still thin, the result will be bad. Quite possibly the next skin become older quicker, dull, and various other negative effects,” he explained.
To get strong bones, dr Rachadian more suggest a healthy diet and the right supplements.
Sun exposure for infants should also be limited. “A maximum of four to five minutes is really enough for a baby,” he concluded.