Do not underestimate Pull Chest Pain When Breathing

DISEASE Lung cancer is one type of cancer is difficult to detect early symptoms. The spread of lung cancer can lead to deterioration of lung function and death.
Lung cancer is a condition in which the cancer cells that spread will worsen lung function, and can spread throughout the body if not found early. It is difficult to detect these symptoms, unless you experience certain symptoms that frequently arise.
The first thing that you should be aware of is if you have a cough. Coughing all the time can be early signs of lung cancer, especially if there is a change in your cough. Then note if you feel aches and pains when you breathe or cough, as reported by eHow.
Other symptoms that accompany lung cancer is loss of appetite. If your appetite declined over a period of time and your weight down drastically, you should immediately conduct a medical examination on. Constant fatigue is also one of the symptoms of lung cancer, but can also be caused by stress, fatigue or other causes.
Note also pain under the rib cage on the right side of the heart and shortness of breath. Both of these symptoms could be an indicator of lung cancer. Immediately tell your doctor if you experience these symptoms.