Wary 5 Main Causes High Blood Pressure

Numbers of cases of heart disease such as heart attacks and cardiovascular disease in low and middle income countries reached 80 percent. This is the result of a global study published in the World Health Organization (WHO) on April 7.
Heart problems to date so frightening because it can cause sudden death. You definitely curious, why heart problems can occur. One of the main causes is the abnormal condition of the blood flow, in the form of high pressure in the arteries.
Sharukh Golwala doctor, cardiologist from Breach Hospital, revealed no major factors why a person may develop high blood pressure. Find out what are the factors that you can be aware.
1. Age
The older the age, the higher the risk of a person having high blood pressure. This is because the older the risk of becoming hardened arteries affecting blood pressure.
2. Gender
Be careful of men, because according to dr. Golwala men are more at risk of developing high blood pressure than women. But this does not necessarily make women safe from blood pressure problems. Pay attention to your lifestyle.
3. Excess weight
Overweight or obese can be a cause of high blood pressure, but this is very dependent individual condition. Someone who has a lot of fat in the abdominal area, hips and thighs are also at increased risk of high blood pressure. For that always keep your body weight.
4. High sensitivity to salt
Some people are sensitive to salt or sodium that can make blood pressure rise. If you are sensitive to salt, so the only way to stay safe is to reduce intake. Note the salt content of each food consumed, try to always read the label. Reduce consumption of prepared foods as well as salt content is very high.
5. Stress
Continuous pressure either because of work or personal problems will have a negative impact on your blood pressure. If you feel stressed, bored or tired minds, seek ways to overcome them. You can leave for a vacation or just relaxing in the salon. Do not let stress overwhelm you.