Eat Lychee Powerful Increase Endurance Body

EAT lychee fruit is not only makes the body rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, but also can help improve endurance during exercise and you can lose weight.
A recent study showed a very high antioxidant lychees and include varieties that are known to help the body to oxidize fat metabolism.
The study found, compared with those in the placebo group, those taking the extract lychee in two and a half months but she was not on a diet or fitness training, experienced a significant reduction in body weight and abdominal fat, as well as a significant increase in the level of weight loss due to hormonal push.
Meanwhile, a number of studies have also shown that lychees can increase endurance during exercise undergo fitness. Many researchers also believe that the benefits of the fruit originally comes from the high antioxidant content of fruit, as published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry cited NaturalNews.
In another study, researchers from Seoul National University provide lychee fruit extract, a mixture of vitamin C (800 mg), and E (320 IU), or placebo for 30 days to the 70 men who regularly exercise at random.
Furthermore, the researchers found that participants in the group eating lychee fruit extract showed a significant increase in anaerobic fitness and exercise. While no such effect was seen in antioxidants or placebo group.
Then they noted that this shows that polyphenols contained in lychee fruit can increase endurance through antioxidant effects that are not associated with free radicals.