Dietary Carbohydrate, Replace Rice with intake It

MANY people on a diet one way to reduce the size of the meal. But there is also a carbohydrate diet by replacing rice as a main meal.
Enchantment cake shop that sells food flavors and signature drinks Depok, also attempted to run the program initiated Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail ie Day Without Rice (One Day No Rice) and reduce food made from wheat. Therefore, if a visit to the store located at Jalan Raya Margonda it, will be found ‘Corner ODNR’ which sells raw materials and snacks ODNR.
Of the various alternatives offered carbohydrates, including rice are intelligent analog or rice made from a mixture of cassava and corn, then Tiwul, ampok corn, white corn flour, aci koneng, flour Mocav (Modified Cassava), cassava flour, potato flour, and oyek cassava. Entirely naturally contains carbohydrates as a substitute for rice.
One of Enchantment flavor cake shop owner, Enny Mubarak said in addition to presenting the material instead of rice for sale, he was convinced that he was selling cakes with flour Mokav dominated. While the use of the composition a little more flour.
“We’re trying to make a non wheat cake, but still can not not use flour at all, the composition is 80 percent and 20 percent wheat mokav. However some are non wheat at all like kelepon or platter,” he said recently – recently.
He also is trying a new cake recipe that really – really use mokav flour or cassava flour. Namely Depok cheese layer cake.
“There is a cheese made in Depok. Still want to be creative and make a layer cake made of cheese Depok therein starfruit jam. Nastar We also have made a non purple potato flour, it feels no different from the wheat,” he said.
By Enny, the raw material for flour to be obtained by way of imports. So, he said, try culinary entrepreneurs can start educating people to reduce consumption of wheat.
“Many of our visitors ask bread menu. Whilst we are not venturing there because it had to use flour,” he concluded.