Brain Longevity Secret Key

Scientists have discovered an area of ​​the brain that controls physical aging. They also manipulate the parts so that the mice in the laboratory can endure longer, or long-lived.
It may be that these findings be the first step to memperlabat aging in humans, as reported by
Diterbutkan research in the journal Nature, has implications for the hypothalamus – brain areas that regulate growth, reproduction and metabolism, as well as damage to the body is called aging.
This first became evident, the brain is the mastermind of the aging process. Tim said, they can speed up or slow down aging in mice. How, by activating or inhibiting NF-kB signaling molecule in the hypothalamus.
Later, the signal will affect their level of a hormone called GnRH, which plays the function of neurons – Data processing brain cells.
By stimulating NF-kB, GnRH will decline. Where neurogonesis impaired, aging symptoms such as muscle weakness, skin atrophy, osteoporosis and memory disorders will appear.
The researchers explained, from experiments conducted on mice in the laboratory, it can be deduced, if someone wants to live longer and stay young, it takes additional hormones on hypothalamic GnRH.