Down Without a Cause Weight Loss, Disease Symptoms?

For many people who have struggled to lose weight, the weight loss without effort certainly like got a gift. However, weight loss without effort are usually a sign of a serious medical disorder.
The definition of weight loss for no reason is a weight loss of more than 5 percent in a span of 6 months, without any effort or exercise dietary adjustments.
If you rarely weigh, there are some other signs that could indicate the occurrence of significant decline, for example all the clothes to be more loose, do not need to fasten the belt tighter, or friends and family comment on your looks kurusan.
There are some diseases that can be a major cause of weight loss.
Although there are no specific symptoms, but according to experts from the National Institutes of Health, there are some symptoms that are often experienced by cancer patients, such as weight loss, fatigue, night sweats, fever, and decreased appetite.
AIDS (autoimunodeficiency syndrome) are the top five leading causes of death in people aged 25-44 years. Destination IP of AIDS symptoms such as weight loss without cause, fever, swollen lymph glands, fatigue, and weight is always weak. People who have AIDS are also more easily catch the disease because their immune systems are very weak.
Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland becomes very active. The experts from the Mayo Clinic say that hipertiorid specific symptoms are weight dropped dramatically, increased heart rate, sweating, tremor, and fatigue.
Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause weight loss continues even though we often eat a lot. This is because the body can not get enough energy from sugar because less insulin. As a result the body process other substances in the body to convert into energy. It is a substance that altered fat and protein.
If you have lost the weight without cause within a period of 6 months, you should consult a doctor. Prepare yourself with a note containing the other symptoms you’ve experienced so doctors can narrow down the possible causes exist.