Avoid toothpaste to treat burns

Plastic surgeon from Madura Hospital, dr. Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, SpBP (K), said the myth that provide toothpaste for burns overcome is wrong.
“The skin is hot, if given toothpaste will only aggravate the burn,” he said at a seminar on Parintosa burns on Saturday.
Parintosa further explained that good toothpaste, butter, cooking oil, soy sauce or antiseptic, should not be used as first aid burns. Such items will only keep the heat in the wound.
“People think it’s toothpaste has a cold material, but when closed it burns the skin temperature will not decrease, so the heat will spread. This will only aggravate the burn,” said Parintosa.
In addition, these objects have properties that will be attached to the sticky burns so it becomes difficult to clean wounds.
“When the quality of the skin in hot conditions, the reaction temperature of the skin and sense of taste will be different on the skin. Toothpaste allegedly So cool it would actually add to the heat,” said Parintosa.