Infrared Thermography in Industrial Inspections

There are a number of applications of thermography in different industries. Thermal imagers have been quite beneficial in providing condition monitoring and preventing breakdowns. Industrial thermography is a powerful maintenance tool to detect anomalies and weak spots in the production, monitoring, and maintenance processes. With the use of thermal imager cameras industrial inspections can be carried out effectively.
These cameras help view electrical, mechanical, building envelopes under normal operating conditions in order to identify abnormally hot or cool areas or components. Infrared inspections are used in predictive maintenance. This is done on regular basis to check the physical operating characteristics like temperature to detect degenerating conditions.
Thermography has a number of applications in industrial production. As it effectively shows the surface temperature of components, detecting problems becomes easy. The targeted errors can then be easily eliminated. This is one of the best and proven ways to protect a company’s assets.
Thermal imaging is a significant tool that assists in troubleshooting and maintenance productivity. It also allows monitoring and quality assurance in the production processes by providing a contact-free and quick measurement. All this ensures a constant high quality level in the industry. Reliability and productivity in the entire operation can be improved considerably. There are a number of benefits of using thermography for industrial inspections.
A few of them have been mentioned below: • Identifying overheated electrical connections and other machine components. • Fewer interruptions during operation for more uptime and greater productivity. • Identifying and fixing equipment problems before they lead to damage and failure. • Insufficient insulation in the circuits and wiring is easily highlighted. • Provides a safer work environment by detecting anomalies and flaws in an equipment before it is too late. • Helps prevent fire accidents that can be caused due to overheated electrical connections or overloaded circuits. • Fast imaging generated on the spot makes image analysis possible and draw conclusions about the target object’s condition.
Infrared thermography inspections are a safe means to inspect any equipment even while it is running, under normal loaded condition. The precise clarity of the infrared images allows even the minutest faults in difficult-to-access places or dangerous zones in industrial systems to be identified reliably and from a safe distance.