Can a swim during menstruation?

Perhaps we often hear the myth ban swimming during menstruation. However, if we want to be more observant, many women who work as lifeguards, swimmers, divers, and water plant expert who swim during menstruation. Then, what about the swimming ban?
Hormonal changes that occur during menstruation providing pain and discomfort in some women. However, in fact, swimming can help alleviate the complaints.
Swim during menstruation is an effective way of sport. According to Shape magazine, swimming can reduce symptoms of discomfort due to menstruation, such as stress, fatigue, and pain.
Swimming can also help make the quality of sleep improved. The buoyancy of the water also can support the body and reduces back pressure to restore back pain that sometimes arise during menstruation.
In order not to “leak”
One thing that is feared to swim during menstruation menstrual blood is leaking into the water. To prevent this, women can use a tampon while swimming. Most tampons are designed specifically for sports. However, if you are not used to using tampons, pads can be selected. Only, clothing and sanitary preparation of extras to consider.
When will swim, before a new use tampons or pads. Tampons and pads that are filled with menstrual blood would make a higher possibility of leaks. Additionally, many bacteria that grow in tampons or pads that can be invaded into the bloodstream, causing poisoning. Directly change tampons or pads that are used after the swim.
If you are still worried despite wearing a tampon, try to swim in a large place, like the ocean or a lake, instead of in the pool. With swimming in these places, the possibility of realizing smaller leaks.