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Overcome joint injuries with ice cubes

Handling first joint injuries, known as sprains can be done by using ice cubes, the orthopedic surgeon, Dr Lukman Shebubakar, SpOT.
“Avoid massaging the injured joint, muscle or ligament tissue, but give an ice pack on his part,” said Lukman in South Tangerang, on Thursday.
According to Lukman, the injured body part should be rested and compressed using ice cubes.
“Ice cubes serve to reduce the inflammation that triggers the inflammation or swelling of the conditions,” said Lukman. Lukman said that this also applies first aid for bruises and usually done by athletes.
Lukman added further compressed at the rocks, the body should also sustained injuries that keep normal blood circulation and swelling is not getting bigger.
“Do not forget the ice cubes are used to compress wrapped or coated fabric evenly so cold,” said Lukman.