Manicured Healthy Baby Wash Your Hands Before Holding

TREATING newborn is quite difficult. Her body is still soft and vulnerable need special treatment from you. Here are some things you can do to care for your newborn baby.
If you are a new parent may be enough confusion in caring for your newborn baby. A newborn baby can fill your home and heart with so much happiness but many conditions can interfere with newborns. Here are a few things that you should consider in caring for the baby so that your baby can feel comfortable, safe and sound, so that was launched Healthmeup.
wash hands when holding a baby
1. Make sure you carry your baby with both hands to keep the back of your baby’s body. Put one hand on the lower back and the other under the shoulders and under the head. Make sure the baby’s head is safe, because until the age of six months, babies are not strong enough to hold the neck muscles independently.
2. Although it is fine if your baby does not burp after each meal, you can try to make it burp perlahan.Ini patted his back will help your baby to release gas and prevents any harmful intestinal gas.
3. Sleep is an important part for babies because it helps the body to maximize growth. Let your baby sleep calmly. Make sure your baby is not hungry and not too full to get a deep sleep, especially during naps.
4. Your baby’s immune system can be very weak because their systems are not fully developed and are prone to all kinds of infections. To keep your baby healthy and infection-free, make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly when to hold or care.