The Services Of A Salisbury Health Center

A Salisbury health center provides a wide range of medical services for patients in the community. From those that don’t have health insurance, to people who can’t get in to see their regular doctor, a health center or clinic can help those that need to have medical treatment.
Most health centers are staffed my regular doctors that commit a certain amount of hours to the clinic each week or month. A Salisbury health center may not make appointments, and the facility may be a walk in only type of clinic. The outpatient health center may see people who don’t have a regular doctor but need a medical exam or treatment. The patient is then charged on their ability to pay, taking into consideration their income and number of dependents in the family.

¬†For a person who has health insurance, a health center is a way to get non-emergency medical treatment if they can’t get in to see their regular doctor. Many times you may call your regular doctor, but it could mean waiting several days to see him. Seeking help at the emergency room is cost prohibitive and may not be the right place to get treatment, especially for non-emergency medical situations. A health center allows you to be looked at for your medical condition and treated by a doctor.

Your health insurance coverage may cover a certain amount of the appointment to a health center so be sure and give them your insurance card during your appointment. For people who do not have health insurance, the health center may have you fill out a form in which you state your household income and the number of people residing in your home. The Salisbury health center then figures how much you owe based on your income and the number of dependents within the home. They may allow you to pay in installments if you don’t have the money at the time of the appointment.
An outpatient center is usually not for people with serious medical conditions who have ongoing treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation. The services of an outpatient center normally revolve around those with less serious symptoms such as sinus infections, a sprained ankle, or a sick baby. If the doctor at the health center believes the patient has more serious medical issues, they will send them to the emergency room or call for an ambulance.
A larger Salisbury health center facility may offer checkups and routine examinations, baby care, and screenings for diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. These facilities can take on more medical services than the smaller outpatient centers, giving the community a place to find medical treatment for their ailments. For those that can’t afford health insurance or regular doctor visits, these types of health centers help those that may not seek medical treatment for their health issues like diabetes. Diabetics require medication and monitoring to ensure their blood sugar level is normal. Without seeking medical attention or having the proper medication, a person with diabetes may suffer from kidney disease or lose their eyesight. A health center can provide the medical treatment and information for those suffering from diabetes to help keep them healthy.
A health center may be located in their own stand alone building, or it may be annexed to the hospital. If you are seeking a health center in your area, search for one online or call your local hospital to see if they can point you towards the closest one. You don’t have to go without medical attention as long as you seek help at a health center in or near your community.