Healthy intake for Strong Bones

BONE form the basic structure of the support your body. Without strong bones, you would not be able to perform a variety of physical activities such as walking or even sitting.
To get strong bones, you need nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D will help solidify the bone. Have strong bones is certainly a necessity, and calcium is one of the main substances to maintain bone health. Here are some foods that can help strengthen bones, as reported by Magforwoman.
Or be a rich source of iron and calcium, spinach is on top the list of the best foods that make your bones stronger. Another important component of the spinach is vitamin K, vitamin A and magnesium. When combined, they help to make your bones stronger.
One of which is to provide you with a sufficient amount of calcium which is one of the main substances to keep your bones healthy. For those who do not like milk, can be replaced by eating yogurt to get the equivalent amount of calcium with milk. Yogurt is a delicious source of calcium that can be consumed by a variety of menu
fresh vegetables
You can not imagine having healthy bones without having sufficient quantity of fresh vegetables in your diet. Vegetables provide a great source of calcium which has a high nutrient which is important for the health of your body.
Eggs contain valuable nutrients to nourish your bones. Research has shown that eggs contain lots of healthy nutrients to the bone.
Fish are known to contain many nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D that makes bones strong. Fish oil is believed to reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis and bone loss in elderly women.