Healthy Body, Diet Success? Eat Mushrooms

MAYBE you’ve heard the efficacy of fish meat that has complete intake of vitamin D to the success of one’s diet. But outside of the intake, it turns out eating mushrooms can also help the success of your diet.
Fungi in this case is this fungus is fungus shiitake.dimana is one vegetable that contains the best sources of vitamin D in the earth. In processing, if the dried shiitake mushrooms for six hours per day, levels of vitamin D will increase to 4 International Units (IU), while when dried increased to 26 IU.
Shiitake mushrooms are also known to contain some of the best content of the body that are proven to reduce cholesterol and boost immunity. Of course the content is very useful to smooth your daily activities. Similarly, as reported by Fox News.
Order more delicious mushroom intake and stay healthy, how to eat his own shiitake mushrooms should not be consumed directly, but combined fit of your favorite dishes, either stir fry, soup, or just enhance the flavor.


Too often Manicure Could Trigger Skin Cancer

Manicure often used as a solution for those who do not want a broken nails and unkempt. But it turns out gel manicure process is used too often can lead to skin cancer.
Manicure“Dose length UV light to dry gel is known to damage skin cells, which is the trigger for the onset of skin cancer,” said a doctor at NYU School of Medicine, Dr. Chris Adigun from Ronald O Perelman Department of Dermatology, as quoted by Fox News, Thursday (7/3/2013)
No one knows the right dose for UV light is used, because the UV light can not be regulated. “LED lights are used in ordinary drying nail polish does not pose a health risk because they do not emit ultraviolet radiation. However, some skin cancers are caused by exposure to certain ultraviolet light,” he wrote in an article in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.
Gel that is used when the manicure is a mediator. If you frequently use, you should be aware of the consequences that occur. Gel manicure makes nails 2 times more durable than just regular nail polish. This gel can also disguise the fragility of the nails and make your nails stronger.
It is recommended to use sunscreen on hand to reduce chemical trauma. “In general manicure will make your nails beautiful in some time, but no one knows what goes on under your nails,” said Dr. Chris.


Million for the health benefits of pomegranate

There are many ways to avoid chronic disease, in addition to routine morning run. One of them could eat a pomegranate after eating heavy meals.
Pomegranates are known to have a function to clean your arteries that have piled up fat. Indirectly, eating pomegranate can keep you from the heart and coronary disease, where the disease is generally derived from the thickening of the artery walls due to fatty deposits.
Meanwhile, many people who do not know that the pomegranate has many benefits, in addition to maintaining heart health. Therefore, here are some of the benefits of pomegranates that escaped attention of many people, including the following:
Reducing fat in heart muscle
Eating pomegranates regularly can reduce the fat that is stored in the muscles of fat. So the possibility of a heart disease, or heart failure decreased. Similarly, as reported by Fox News.
enlarged heart
Sometimes the heart muscles develop because of stress or perform overtime job. However, enlargement of the heart can return to normal when someone is eating a pomegranate.
Avoid coronary disease
When you eat a pomegranate on a regular basis, ECG or electro cardiogram report that trigger the symptoms of heart disease will decrease. So that your heart health continues stable and protected from heart disease or coronary.
Avoid aging heart muscles
Someone who consumed pomegranate, oxidation in the body will continue to run. This condition is necessary for the body to carry out activities smoothly. Conversely, if you are subjected to oxidative stress, this would lead to aging of muscles in the body, particularly the heart muscles.
Avoid swelling in the joints
Inflammation of the content of pomegranate can make free muscle swelling. In short, eating a pomegranate will be protected from pain and pain in the body.