Look worth the Contact Lens Users

Contact LENS commonly used to help the vision of a person suffering from myopia or near, so it may look like a normal person. However, many of the majority of people who might use or negligent in his care for contact lenses, so that the eyes are more susceptible to infection.
When you contact lens wearers, consider the following matters to be free from infection, as reported by RedOrbit.
When handling your lenses
Of course this step will cause infection and irritation after washing your hands when you put a finger in the eye again. Nails should be cut short, so it does not tear or scratch the lens. Also, do not use tap water or saliva to wash your lenses. To use the appropriate type of contact lenses, contact lens care and ask your eye to the professionals.
When you use contact lenses too long
If you wear contact lenses overnight or for longer than recommended by professionals, then it will increase the risk of corneal ulcers that can injure the cornea or cause blindness.
When you use certain drugs
Consult with your eye professional about drug use. Therefore, use of birth control pills can increase estrogen and can make your eyes more sensitive, as well as lower water production so as to make dry eyes. Similarly, the use of antihistamines, drugs to reduce allergies can also dry out your eyes. In addition, some types of acne medications can cause eye irritation and itching sensation.
When your eyes are too dry
Many people contact lens wearers experience dry eyes from contact lenses cover the surface of the eye, as well as limiting oxygen. Then, the drought may be worse in certain situations, such as on an airplane, in a dry climate, while taking antihistamines, or after drinking alcohol. Therefore, you might be able to bring a bottle of artificial tears or eye drops medicine, and be sure to keep an eye blink often not dry.
When wearing makeup
Do not let eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow to make your eyes swollen or infected. Opt for waterproof mascara, choose hypoallergenic water-based moisturizer, such as lotion and cream foundation. Therefore, you should input the contact lens in the bag before putting on makeup.
When you visit the salon
When you use hair spray or other products made from chemicals while in the salon, blink more often to protect the eyes or you’re using a hair dryer.