Eventually bath, are dangerous?

All pleasures, like a bowl of ice cream, high-calorie foods and sweet, always a scapegoat for melarnya waistline.
But wait. Sources obesity triggers not only a lifestyle only. Immediately check your bathroom right now!
Shower curtains are used to protect the toilet of water it can be a cause of obesity culprit was never realized.
Generally, use a vinyl shower curtain, synthetic fibers (plastic material) waterproof. Research from several experts in the obesity shows in vinyl compounds proved to be the trigger for the obesity epidemic.
Evidence in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives revealed that in trials using animals exposed to low doses of the compounds proved plastic vinyl tributyltin (TBT) can lead to obesity. In fact, the danger is not only suffered by people exposed to these compounds but also down to three subsequent offspring.
“For example, pregnant women who are exposed to real as TBT may have transgenerational effects, which could affect her children, grandchildren and great-grandson,” said study author Bruce Blumberg, PhD, professor of pharmacology and cell and developmental biology at the University of California-Irvine .
TBT is one of the many compounds that can interfere with hormone imbalance. As a result, the body can increase the number of fat cells or even store fat in cells.