Recognize Symptoms of Worms in Infants

USUALLY, worms occur in adults. But not infrequently, worms attacked, infants aged 0 months-1 year.
Recognizing the symptoms of worms in infants may not be easy. However, you can mark it with some of the symptoms caused. dr. Edy Jo, Sp.A (K) explains there are a variety of signs and symptoms that occur in infants with intestinal worms and was almost the same with the kids and adults.
-Baby will seem lethargic, weak, limp and pale or anemic. This was due to worms in infants who are blood-sucking parasites that exist in the baby’s blood vessels. The blood-sucking worm was hookworm and whipworm.
Makes a very special baby worms are underweight and malnourished babies look like. This is due to ascaris worms that absorb nutrients from food. This characteristic can be seen from the graph KMS (Card towards healthy) babies who are less good or obtained malnutrition.
-Babies fuss and looks uncomfortable. Most likely cause of infant found in their anus discomfort or itch but can not scratch it. Anal itching can be a symptom of intestinal worms.
-Cough prolonged. This should watch out, because it can happen to the baby if the worm had infected the baby’s lungs, thereby disrupting the baby’s respiratory system.
-Disorders of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, such as diarrhea and constipation. This happens because the worm has disrupted metabolism in infants infant digestion.