Volvo Makin Friends with Nature

Swedish manufacturer, Volvo, will introduce a new diesel engine, Volvo Engine Architecture or VEA. This machine will be born between August and October.
As reported by Worldcarfans, the latest engine Volvo Car Group is the latest diesel engine with i-ART technology first in the world. This new technology is able to help reduce vehicle fuel consumption.
With display back pressure of each injector, i-ART technology can control the combustion in each cylinder. Volvo claims this engine will be more efficient than using a single pressure in the common rail.
“Increased pressure to 2500 bar rail, very high by adding i-ART technology. This can be described as the second step in the revolution of diesel engines,” says Derek Crabb, Vice President Powertrain Engineering at the Volvo Car Group.
Crabb added, each injector has a small computer on it, which monitors each injection pressure. With this information, i-ART technology can adapt and adjust the ideal amount of fuel needed in the engine combustion process.
Diesel engine with i-ART is, in addition to reducing fuel consumption, this machine can also reduce high emissions, providing a high performance engine, and powerful sound character.
Volvo engine will also be equipped with eight-speed automatic transmission. Claimed to provide driving pleasure with the engine is smooth, responsive and agile.