Older women recovering from the flu

Best medicine when sick with the flu is the total resting at home. Sebentarnya long rest periods required men and women currently suffering from flu turned out differently. Women take longer than men.
According to statistics in Australia, the average woman needs a period of rest 3 days, while in men only an average of 2.8 days. Of these data is considered more powerful men face a severe flu that decided not to leave the work to rest. In addition women are also more difficult to recover from the flu virus than men.
Public health experts from the New South Wales Dr. Craig Dalton said he was feeling sick, but they tend to be able to help feeling it. Plus, women are more susceptible to colds than men.
A new study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine supports the statement of the statistical data. Study with a survey method in 5000 that found that women tend to be easy to complain when sick with the flu.
Study researcher Dr. Alma Adler said, there has been a myth that men tend to be more “whiny” when sick. However, these studies indicate otherwise.
“There is no evidence to suggest differences in the way the flu virus in women and men. So it can not be said women have more severe symptoms so much suffering,” said Adler.
Participants in the survey were asked to answer a few questions about their symptoms on a scale of 0 to 100. Both men and women who are healthy have almost the same score an average of 90.
But when asked at the onset of symptoms, the man gave a score of 60, while women gave a score of 50.