5 Ways night snacking smart

Ever tempted to snack after dinner? Many of us who can not resist the urge to eat at night, but really we do with hunger?
A new study published in the journal Obesity says, the body’s biological clock system may be the reason why we crave sweets, starchy, salty up at night.
When man was still in the hunt for food era, humans instinctively precisely mengasup many calories at night to survive. But this time, the energy needed at night tend to eat fewer calories at night instead will add fat.
Snacking at night is actually no need to add fat, if done in a smart way. Here are 5 smart ways to snack at night.
1. Avoid sweet
Sweet food is tempting, but do not let us even snack foods filled with this. Instead, replace it with a protein that can be digested slowly so it feels much longer satiety.
2. Eat little at dinner
More nights, try to eat smaller portions. So that activities do not add too much snacking calories are in dietary intake throughout the day. Choose healthy snacks such as fish, chicken, and vegetables.
3. Fill with fiber and protein
Instead of choosing fats, choose fiber and protein. Try vegetable salad with nonfat dressing sprinkled with raisins, or apples with peanut butter, or whole wheat crackers with a little low-fat cheese.
4. Choose a warm
Hot tea could even be a delicious snack. That one drink is low in fat and calories, so long as you do not add sugar to it.
5. Choose a healthier
If you love ice cream as a snack the night, then you should choose the ice cream is lower in fat. If you like potato chips or cassava, replace with healthier options such as potatoes or boiled cassava.