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Posture Back Pain It Causes Impaired Children

THE growth is one important moment for your child. Good growth will form the ideal posture for your child.
Forming the ideal posture for children is very important. It is also associated with child health. But a lot of activities or habits that can lead to a form that is less good posture, such as slouching.
“Postural Kyphosis or humpback is one posture disorders are common in children. Fact occurs mostly in girls. Habits are not sitting upright, playing computer too long, they cause slouch in children,” said dr. Siti Annisa Nuhoni, rehabilitation medicine specialist fissile RSCM, in an event Recognize Kifosi, Stay away Cause: Osteoporosis, in Kasablanka City, Jakarta.
In order not to trigger a worse condition. Parents should know the child’s symptoms are felt, especially on the back.
“The symptoms can include muscle pain and weakness in the back. Weakening of the back muscles, ligaments also can lead to postural kyphosis,” said the doctor who is familiarly called dr. this Honi.