This series Detoxification Process for Drug Addiction

Drugs can lurk everyone from children to adults. Starting from trial and error, a person can become a drug addict. To cure the drug addicts, the detoxification process can be done.
drug addiction“We all agreed that the drug was like an iceberg, on a small surface, below the surface. In studies in Indonesia are also mentioned 10 times the actual figure of the numbers recorded. So if the figure of 5 million so the real figure is 50 million,” said prof. Dr. dr. H. Dadang Hawari.
It was submitted by him at the symposium entitled “Recent Developments in Drug Abuse Urban Communities’ in Mental Hospital Auditorium Heerdjan Suharto, Jl Prof. Dr. Latumenten No. 1, West Jakarta, and was written on Thursday (07/03/2013).
A variety of mental and behavioral disorders due to drug or drug taking among other religious left, leaving the house (running away), sex, crime (stolen goods), academic achievement decline (drop out), scrappy, and so on. This is very detrimental, not only the addict but the family as well.
“If parents notice their children experiencing behavioral and mental disorders such behavior, most likely exposed to drugs. Then consult” said Prof. Dada.
To avoid this, then applied the method BPSS (bio-psycho-social-spiritual, WHO 1984) which is an integrated system of medical therapy, psychological, social and religious. Therapy given this is holistic, that is:
Medical therapy
a. Given the type of antipsychotic drugs directed against neuro-transmitter system disorders of central nervous system (brain).
b. Given also the non-opioid analgesic (anti-pain medication that does not contain opiates or derivatives or classes of NSAIDs), are not given drugs that are addictive.
c. Given antidepressants.
d. If found pulmonary complications in organs, liver, and other drugs are given according to the abnormalities of these organs (somatic therapy)
Therapy psychiatric / psychological
Besides given the drug in the class of anti-psychotic psychiatric and anti-depressant, is also given psychiatric or psychological consultation to those concerned and their families.
Social Therapy
Protecting the environment and social interaction.
Therapy religion
Given in accordance with their respective faith to realize that naza unlawful in terms of religion and law. The principle is to seek treatment and repent before he was arrested, went to pick up and repent before death.
This detoxification method can be done at home or in a public hospital. When treated at home rather than drug must be taken according to doctor’s instructions, patients should not be out of the house, should not be met with a friend, do not make and receive calls, can not smoke and kept by the family.
When admitted to the hospital in addition to drug must be taken according to doctor’s instructions, the patient to be seen by the family. This is intended to ensure that there are no friends or other people who look, in order to prevent the entry of drugs into the patient’s room including cigarettes.
The method uses a system of total blocks (abstinentia totalis), meaning that the patient may no longer use naza or derivatives or synthesis. To eliminate withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal symptoms or withdrawal) used medicines bidder, not substitution (replacement).
“If the whole process is completed rehabilitated. So before rehabilitated treated first, diagnosed whether drugs or alcohol. Could not if directly rehabilitated, because the brain is not a computer program on-delete or removed,” explained Prof Dada.
Fear of recurrence detoxified drug addicts who are definitely there. If drug addicts experience relapse, avoid interaction with user friends. If the suggestion arises (craving) or stress (frustration), then immediately to the doctor not to the dealer.