Three Simple Ways to Launch Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual not smooth so painful and generally disrupt daily aktvitas. To that end, it is necessary to know the preventive measures to avoid that risk.
Knowing that early prevention is very important. Because, if left it can trigger pain so bad mood all day, until he rarely interfere with your daily activities. So, what kind of prevention should be done? Here are some tips for your menstrual cycle to the current activity does not interfere with you, including the following:
Eat more often
This is because when a person eats more regularly, will unleash the body’s metabolism which gives you energy and makes you feel good. This condition applies at all times, not just one week of the menstrual period. So try from now having a snack in order to keep your metabolism working. Similarly, as quoted by Cosmopolitan.
Get your intake of vitamin B6 and vitamin C are quite
Both intake is very important, because it helps relieve a bad mood is often the case, the water retention bloating, fatigue during the menstrual cycle to come. But do not be too anxious to deal with it, because you can meet the vitamin deficiency from eating fish, fisheries, poultry, beans, bananas, potatoes and eggs. In addition, for intake of vitamin C you can get it directly from oranges.
Drink plenty of water
Although it sounds contrary, but keep away from dehydration can actually make your condition much better.