Swallowing hard, Oral Cancer Alert

MANY who do not know that oral cancer can be. Oral cancer is usually associated with those who smoke heavily or frequently consume alcohol.
Not many know what are the symptoms of mouth cancer. In fact, this disease is one disease that is quite membahaykan your health. In each case, nearly 75-90 percent of people with oral cancer caused by smoking and alcohol consumption.
“There are many symptoms of oral cancer that warrant concern, arising among white or red patches in the mouth, mouth sores that do not heal, bleeding in the mouth, teeth, problems or pain when swallowing, a lump dileher, ear pain and ulcer, or swollen on the lips, “said Dr. Victor Fan, consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon Health Center Gleneagles, Singapore.
Other abnormalities include a lump or swelling, or sulcus that does not heal within two weeks to ten days. Cancerous ulcer tends to be hard and not always sick. If the cancer has spread to the tongue, then the patient may not speak well or eating difficult.
Early detection is the most important thing, so that oral cancer has not spread to other organs. “Early detection can mean 80 to 90% chance of recovery, but if kenker detected late, the chances fell to 20%,” said Dr. Victor.