Handling First When Sick Children

WEATHER still makes changing health conditions become susceptible to disease. Children are also not immune from the threat of diseases such as colds or coughs. You can do a simple treatment the disease will worsen your child’s health condition.
Sick ChildrenSome illnesses such as colds, coughs and flu can strike easily. Unstable weather conditions and weakened immune can easily make your child sick.
Especially if your child likes to play and probably touching objects contaminated with germs or contracting playmate who carry the virus disease. Here is a simple treatment that you can do to treat your child suffered a cold or cough, as reported by FoxNews.
Menthol can be very good for soothing sore throats. Ginger tea and echinacea are also effective in reducing the symptoms of colds. For nasal congestion, use eucalyptus oil. And reduction in heat, you can put a towel soaked with warm water over your child’s head and let him breathe.
The best way to relieve cough and to thin mucus so it can be expelled cough cough that determine the type of your child first. Dry cough is a cough with phlegm that is difficult to remove and should be thawed and wet cough, cough with mucus that also must be removed. It will be easier for you to determine the appropriate cough medication.
Oscillo is the most widely used and popular flu natural remedies all over the world. Oscillo can prevent the flu is getting worse. But it is in Indonesia this drug has not been too well known by the public.
Elderberry extract and echinacea can also help to shorten the time of illness so you can feel better.

health Psychology

Mental Health Vs Physical Health

Mental health is as equally important as physical health. While physical health helps keep our bodies strong and fit, mental health helps keep us sane, rational and headstrong. Being mentally fit allows us to enjoy life and the environment, helps us overcomes life’s trials and tribulations and prevents us from getting a breakdown. We can be creative, learn, try new things, and take risks.


Older women recovering from the flu

Best medicine when sick with the flu is the total resting at home. Sebentarnya long rest periods required men and women currently suffering from flu turned out differently. Women take longer than men.
According to statistics in Australia, the average woman needs a period of rest 3 days, while in men only an average of 2.8 days. Of these data is considered more powerful men face a severe flu that decided not to leave the work to rest. In addition women are also more difficult to recover from the flu virus than men.
Public health experts from the New South Wales Dr. Craig Dalton said he was feeling sick, but they tend to be able to help feeling it. Plus, women are more susceptible to colds than men.
A new study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine supports the statement of the statistical data. Study with a survey method in 5000 that found that women tend to be easy to complain when sick with the flu.
Study researcher Dr. Alma Adler said, there has been a myth that men tend to be more “whiny” when sick. However, these studies indicate otherwise.
“There is no evidence to suggest differences in the way the flu virus in women and men. So it can not be said women have more severe symptoms so much suffering,” said Adler.
Participants in the survey were asked to answer a few questions about their symptoms on a scale of 0 to 100. Both men and women who are healthy have almost the same score an average of 90.
But when asked at the onset of symptoms, the man gave a score of 60, while women gave a score of 50.


Tips and Tricks Choosing Medical Devices

Many of the circulation of various types of medical equipment that the market makes us as consumers have lots of choices as well as extra careful and selective. There are several types of medical equipment that we need to know:
medical devices
1. Medical devices to a limited circle, for hospitals and health professions. Such tools requiring special skills to operate. Examples of tools are ultrasonography (USG), X-Ray, etc..
2. Medical equipment to the general public or private. How pengoprasiannya easy and does not require any special skills. For example wheelchairs, thermometers and others.
For the general public outside the health professions, there are some tips in choosing medical devices, among others:
1. define the purpose and function of the purchase of medical equipment, to get the right results, you should consult with a health worker, so that medical equipment purchased is not futile.
2. Finding information and complete details about the medical device. Can through you, or mellaui internet.
3. Choose health tools that have official permission from the department of health and stadarisasi.
4. Adjust tool Existing health budget. Generally, products made ​​in China in the neger or less than the product of Europe, America and Japan.
5. Also ask about the warranty, maintenance and how to operate the equipment to a distributor or retailer.
With the above tips hoped we could use medical devices according to function and avoid mistakes in the use of medical devices.


Tea Keep You from Heart Disease

WORD who stay away from heart disease and stroke disease is difficult? In fact, quite consuming tea every day to avoid your proper protection from heart disease.
As it is based journal published by the Archives of Internal Medicine, The Netherlands. Explained that drinking tea can reduce 50 percent of severe atherosclerotic disorders (hardening and narrowing of blood vessels) in women. These properties can be felt when a woman drinking a glass or two cups a day. Of course it is very good for heart health where the beginning of heart problems is the narrowing of blood vessels.
The study also explains that women who consume five cups a day had the lowest risk of atherosclerotic disorders. The results also showed a similar trend in men, as reported by FoxNews.
Journal Stroke also reinforces the benefits of healthy drinks. Found that individuals who consume green tea, black, white in the long term, can reduce the risk of stroke by 60 percent.
The reason why tea can keep one’s heart healthy and avoid the risk of stroke, researchers say that it is caused by an abundance of antioxidants in tea to play an important role in preventing chronic disease that second.
Therefore, there is no harm in taking the time to drink tea now in order to maintain the health of your heart.


The benefits of fasting for the quality of men Fasting Improve Sperm Quality

For those who are fasting, do not worry if the quality of your sperm will decrease. On the contrary, sperm quality in general would be great. Fasting is known to be a negative impact on sperm quality. Benefits of fasting on the health of the body for healthy men actually better not even reduce the occurrence of conception marital relationship.


Prevent Daytime Sleepiness? Reduce consumption of fatty foods

EVERY person has experienced tremendous sleepiness while being active during the day even though it was quite at night. So, how exactly to minimize the disruption?
According to a study, the foods you eat can affect the level of sleepiness and alertness while undergoing activity during the day. It is certainly harmful for those who do intensive activity throughout the day.
The high fat consumption affects the increase in daytime sleepiness during the move. Meanwhile, high carbohydrate consumption can affect a person’s increased vigilance.
In one study, a healthy person’s level of sleepiness assessed by the researchers reached level 31, independent of obesity, age range 18 to 65 years and sleeping with the normal time. Then, the researchers also look at the food they eat.
“Increased consumption of fat has bad effects on vigilance and other adverse effects kesahatan for adults,” said Dr. Alexandros Vgontzas, researcher and professor of psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine in the news release of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


What Exercise Does to Keep Your Body Healthy

A cheap way to increase your life span and get better help is aerobic exercise. It does not have to cos you thousands of dollars or many hours of your time to keep fit. A half an hour of aerobic exercise about three to four times a week might be enough to stay in shape. Below are some ways regular exercise makes your health better.
It exercises your heart! Your heart is like any other muscle in that it becomes stronger and larger thanks to exercise. It gains better ability to pump blood through the body with every beat and has less strain keeping up with its higher levels.
It assists you in losing weight. Your cholesterol levels go down. Overweight people who have trouble losing weight can still get many heart benefits thanks to exercise. Just few hours of training each week can give you huge benefits.
Regular aerobic exercise will also lower your risk for type 2 diabetes since it lowers blood sugar, improves your sensitivity for insulin and makes your heart much stronger.
It strengthens your muscles and tones your entire body. The exercise not only helps your heart, it reduces blood pressure and increases your ability to store molecules of energy like fats and carbohydrates within the muscles. This makes your body more enduring. It also dilates the blood vessels in the fibers of your muscles which makes the blood flow better.
Since your lungs are also muscles, they receive big benefits from this. Also, regular exercise increases the amount of red blood cells in your body. Red blood cells transport oxygen, so people who exercise often have low risk for heart disease.


This food Keep Slim Waist Stay

Eating healthy foods into the main part of the diet is nutritionally balanced. There are various types of food in your kitchen that you can consume and have a healthy nutrition.
If you eat a healthy diet, it will affect the body, especially the body weight and waist size. Here is a list of foods that you can eat without having to worry will make your waistline grow wide, as reported by Magforwoman.
A perfect alternative to the type of wine are raspberries. The fruit is high in fiber and acts as a catalyst in reducing bad cholesterol.
These vegetables are low in sugar and high in vitamin C and folate, asparagus is not only healthy but also good for keeping you slim.
skimmed milk
Skim milk is much better than full-cream. Milk is a source of calcium, but also high in fat. Skim milk will supply your body with the necessary calcium but low in fat.
Nuts is known for low-calorie and nearly fat-free. Of all nuts, almonds are one of the best sources of protein and fiber and should be consumed when you feel hungry.
Mushrooms are low in calories. These vegetables can supply your body with ergothioneine, an antioxidant that is very good for your skin also keeps the body slim.


Preventing Home Fires

A house fire can be devastating and statistically has been known to be the #1 source of home disasters. Nearly half a million house fires occur each year in the U.S. Fortunately this type of disaster is often preventable when the homeowner takes extra precautions. These simple things can help you make your home safer.
Never leave candles unattended. Always keep lit candles away from curtains, bedding, and other flammable materials. Blow the candles out when you intend to leave the home or go to sleep. This small flame can turn huge with one spark.
Kitchen safety measure help considerably. Make sure upon leaving the kitchen that you have properly turned off your stove. Be sure to also keep dish towels and other materials away from burners. Be aware of what is left on a burner for a lengthy time because it only takes a quick second for a grease fire to start flames that are hard to control.
Electrical cords can overheat so do not cover them. For larger electrical appliances it is a good idea to plug them into a surge protector which can act as a better grounding mechanism. Replace any frayed or damage cords so they do not spark or hurt children or pets that might unknowingly touch them.
Maintain a safe and clean fireplace. A screen can prevent the sparks made by fires from landing on carpet other flammable materials. Never throw hot ashes into a garbage bag, but instead allow them to cool and dispose of them properly in a metal container. Put out the fire before retiring to bed for the night.
Keep flammable liquids such as gasoline and paint away from heat sources in your home like the furnace or laundry room. Also keep them out of constant direct sunlight. The best place is a cool, dark place with the lids of their original containers tightly closed.
Be careful to extinguish all cigarettes if you or someone else smokes in your home. Left unattended or not properly disposed of these can cause a fire very quickly. Be sure to keep your smoke alarm batteries charged and fresh so that they will be your first defense should an unexpected fire start in your home.