Lack of Sleep Can Hurt Health and Fitness

Many people are so busy that sleep is the last thing on their minds. Many people work long hours and cut out sleep time in order to have more time for fun activities. Getting enough sleep can greatly affect a person’s overall health and fitness. The body needs enough sleep to recuperate from stressful daily activities. Not getting enough sleep can be harmful both mentally and physically. Even if a person exercises regularly, not getting enough sleep can wipe out the benefits of exercising.


Practical Tip Cure Arthritis

PAIN arthritis if left unchecked can limit a person’s physical movements. Therefore, treating leg joints are very important in order to improve the function and routine continues smoothly.
Managing the leg joints especially in the calves, it is important for those who already have arthritis. It is intended that the function of your joints good and reliable for physical activity in the future. (read: Women Smokers Prone Rheumatism)
As you know, the pain is often caused by rheumatic make gestures of someone so freely, to plan daily activities may not be as expected. Therefore, knowing the practical steps foot care is one of the joints of the important points, so that your physical activity continues smoothly. (Read: Tips Natural Pain Cure Disease)
So, how to care for arthritic joints this?
Here are The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides practical steps to manage the joints of the foot, as reported by the Health Monitor, including the following:
-Seek to perform physical activities such as jogging on a regular basis. At least 30 minutes with the routine three to five times per week. While, at least a ten-minute rest period, if necessary
-Eliminate a few pounds of fat in your body, this is a quick way you cope with joint disorders. Especially if you’re an overweight.
-Protect your joints when exercising to avoid injury, the article it will aggravate your pain in the future. The other, be careful when you require physical activity routines repeatedly.
-Talk to your doctor to see the development of your joint health, is much better or other treatments that require joint function to be more effective.


Nurses On Home Health Care

Nurse is one of the noble professions that most of the people need to have in terms of medical assistance and health care. They are being looked up with high respect and appreciation by different race of people with different culture and beliefs.


Rapid flu subsides, Consumption Only Strawberries

Eating strawberries turns out to have many benefits. One of them is to cure the flu.
As it is justified by Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDE, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He explains that eating strawberries is a symbol of the warm weather that is also effective in relieving flu. In addition, the strawberry has a variety of content that a lot of benefits, especially antioxidants that can protect the body or heal someone with the flu.
He explained that the strawberries turned out to have a higher content of vitamin C than citrus fruits. Of course this is good news for those who are exposed to the flu, because abortion can help you recovery faster.
Although there was a sour taste resulting from strawberries, you do not need to fear an upset stomach when you eat them. The reason, doctors are recommending this as a red fruit intake were delicious. In addition to its water content is beneficial to keep you from dehydration, strawberries also effectively help spending your shit through. It is of course important because the cleaning process in the stomach also completed the bacteria that cause the flu. As a result, any flu quickly subsided.


How Important Fruits and Vegetables for Health?

Do you remember the slogan four of five perfectly healthy nutrition? The sentence seems to no longer be the focus of attention. Though the two in between, namely fruits and vegetables can provide tremendous impact on health.
According to WHO, as many as 93.6 percent of Indonesia’s population aged over 10 years, in the category of eating less fruit and vegetables.
“Most people still view that the role of fruit and vegetables only as a complement. This then causes people often do not eat regularly,” says clinical nutrition specialist, Dr.dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono, in the event Zespri Media Workshop held at Ecopark, Ancol.
Fact: fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and water that is not found in food products or supplements. If these two nutrients consumed regularly, can prevent and reduce the risk of developing the disease.
“Lack of fruit and vegetable intake can lead to the risk of gastrointestinal cancer deaths by 14 percent, coronary heart disease by 11 percent, and deaths from stroke by nine per cent,” said Fiastuti.
Therefore, to avoid or prevent undesirable, it is better if you start eating two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables each day on a regular basis.


Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

With a large amount of residents physically unable to move themselves, fires are a particular problem for the healthcare industry. Many facilities have been designed to be fireproof, however because burning materials often release toxic vapors fire prevention has and always will be a top priority. All employees can make a difference with fire prevention. With the proper training all healthcare facilities can become much safer institutions.
To help prevent fires employees need to know what starts them. All fires involve three elements: Heat, Fuel and Oxygen. Removing any of these elements will stop a fire. Fires are started with heat as the ignition and heat can be generated by anything that is hot – open flames, chemical reactions, Faulty electrical, overheated equipment and hot surfaces. Once a fire starts it will grow hotter and it will not stop until one of the three elements has been vanquished.
Flames are created by vapors coming off of a flammable material. The temperature at which a material gives off flammable vapors is known as a flashpoint. The flashpoint can change depending on how much oxygen is in the air. For instance an ordinary cleanser that would have a high flashpoint in normal air might be flammable in an area where a patient is being given oxygen.
What fuels a fire determines what will be used to extinguish it. Anesthetic gases can be extinguished by shutting off the gas, however most fires are extinguished by applying a material that eliminates the oxygen or the fuel. Applying the wrong substance can be devastating though. For instance, using water can cause burning liquids to spread and water conducts electricity at electrical fires.
Fires are separated into four classes: A, B, C & D. Class A fires involve normal substances like wood, paper or cardboard. These fires can be extinguished with water. Class B fires are fueled by flammable liquids and gasses. Chemical foams are the best way to extinguish these types of fires. Class C Fires are electrical and involve electrical equipment. They are extinguished by non-conductive agents. Class D fires are fueled by combustible metals. These type of fires are extremely difficult to put out and must be left to professional to take extinguish.
When a fire starts healthcare workers need to act quickly. The best way to insure this is an emergency action plan. The plan will carefully define how to report a fire, who will fight the fire, who is responsible for patient safety, evacuation procedures and lastly care of patients during an emergency.


Given Baby Solid Foods, Hold First 4 Months

FOOD solid is important for growing children, as well as the intake of nutrients for healthy growth period. However, giving your food intake too early can cause health problems in your child.
The researchers found that as many as 40 percent of parents have started feeding their infants sooner than it should. In fact, a new baby can eat solid foods when your baby is at least four to six months old.
Why parents should wait until the baby is four months old can give solid food intake? This is because the development of the baby is not ready to consume solid foods before the age of at least four or six months, as reported by everydayhealth.
Consumption of solid food too early is also associated with a variety of health problems that may be faced by the baby. Chronic conditions such as obesity, celiac disease, diabetes, and eczema can occur.


“Because” Just Isn’t the Answer


Children are inquisitive by nature.  When they are younger, it’s usually because they want to better understand something.  When they are older, it’s because they want to better understand why you think something is important and why they should also feel the same way.  Regardless of their age, it’s imperative that when setting forth the rules and expectations in your home, your child understands there is no room for questioning the rules you set forth and the consequences of breaking the rules.
Younger children usually do not understand a lengthy explanation of why it’s important that they be home from their friend’s home at a certain time or why they aren’t allowed to play ball in the house.  But the one thing they do strive to do most of the time is to make their parents proud and happy.  So when a young child asks “Why?” or “Why not?” when they are told they can’t play with something or someone or why they have to obey a rule you’ve set forth, simply explain to them that “because it makes me happy when you follow the house rules and do what I have asked of you.”  You should avoid using the term, “Because I said so,” as that only adds to the child’s frustration and confusion.
Older children, adolescents and teenagers alike will probably require more from your explanation.  When they question “Why?” or “Why not?” it’s best to directly, honestly and clearly state your reasoning.  “I asked you to be home by 10 p.m. because we have to be at the dentist’s office first thing in the morning for your check-up and we can’t be late.”  It is also a great opportunity for you to reiterate the consequences of breaking the rule.  “If you are not home by 10 p.m., you’ll be grounded from going to your friend’s house for a week.” Be consistent, be firm, and be clear.
Though your child may challenge you by asking your reasoning why a rule has been put in place, it also shows their growth as an individual thinker.  So try not to get angry or frustrated when they do so; realize it’s their way of understanding their world around them.

Enroll With Quality Oriented Physical Therapy Programs

The physical therapy programs are physiology medical training procedures aimed at helping trainees in acquisition of the necessary knowledge in order to make them effective in aiding patients regain the ability to walk again. The nature of these programs means that they aim therapies and assistant therapists in horning in their professional skills. Any professional falling under the two classifications can apply to join the program. This is important because the program in a way is like doing an appraisal course. The end tail of the program is examinations. Once one excels in these examinations, one is certified and these means one can practice as a licensed professional.
There are a number of areas which are areas that the program addresses. First of all the program is aimed at ascertaining the level of the therapist’s physiological knowledge. The science background of the candidate for this medical examination should be superb. This includes deep understanding of anatomy and kinesiology. One should also have perfect knowledge on how the body coordinates to bring about movement. One is also challenged on numerous techniques and their subsequent procedures. As a professional, one should have in depth knowledge on different techniques in order to be equipped in case the techniques currently applied are not effective. Such evaluating tests will help one understand the importance of close communication and understanding of the patient.
One should however be very wise when it comes to selection of the kind of institution that is offering the program. The school should be recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education. Medical institutions that have this accidental offer quality services and one is sure to excel in the field. Once one has done well in the physical therapy programs, professional possibilities are endless. One can have a private clinic. One can also get a well paying job in sports where serious injuries that can incapacitate a player occur. One can also be employed by the elderly whose anatomy is known to weaken with time. One can also enroll for the course online and take advantage of this invaluable undertaking. To ease the burden of tuition fees, there are student loans that one can take and help to pay part of the tuition fees.
The physical therapy programs are available both in physical classes and online. One should however be wise enough to select a school of medicine that is well equipped to enhance his knowledge on this branch of medicine.

Avoid toothpaste to treat burns

Plastic surgeon from Madura Hospital, dr. Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, SpBP (K), said the myth that provide toothpaste for burns overcome is wrong.
“The skin is hot, if given toothpaste will only aggravate the burn,” he said at a seminar on Parintosa burns on Saturday.
Parintosa further explained that good toothpaste, butter, cooking oil, soy sauce or antiseptic, should not be used as first aid burns. Such items will only keep the heat in the wound.
“People think it’s toothpaste has a cold material, but when closed it burns the skin temperature will not decrease, so the heat will spread. This will only aggravate the burn,” said Parintosa.
In addition, these objects have properties that will be attached to the sticky burns so it becomes difficult to clean wounds.
“When the quality of the skin in hot conditions, the reaction temperature of the skin and sense of taste will be different on the skin. Toothpaste allegedly So cool it would actually add to the heat,” said Parintosa.