Medical Treatment Abroad, What a great thing?

He said, medical treatment abroad that great? Whether what’s so great, I do not know. Endless, I have not been to the hospital there, and I virtually never sick, except for first-time students. Instead of medical treatment abroad, to pay the hospital at that time, I had to pawn my diploma. And, when it feels medical treatment abroad yet trendy. Not like now.
Then, great, it’s not great, what size?
The luxurious building, the tools are sophisticated, exceptional service, accurate diagnosis, the medication was a potent, low cost. Or perhaps, when you are expected to already want to die here, in Indonesia, or you have a short life expectancy, say can not be recovered again here, then you go to Singapore or Malaysia, then is not the case, so you do not die, you can then run again?
How the heck are critical here, people are saying there is no hope anymore, aka dying, then flown to it, then get up, recover from it? Perhaps there is, 1-2 patients.
What is in a hospital in Indonesia, there is no such a case? 1-2 patients who say there is no hope of living again, just to let go and pray there is also recovered.
Ok, to see the great treatment outside, now take a first aspect, the tools are sophisticated, complete. Sophisticated tools, often used as a benchmark for the complete patient that a hospital was great. Even. great-grand building is also associated with it. Well, as you become patient, with sophisticated tools that you checked, then you feel satisfied, happy, proud that with the tools that your disease is very difficult to predict.
All modern diagnostic tools were then used to investigate the possibility of your disease. Of A Z samapai examined, the results of the A to Z also exist. It was great there, if you for instance complained of headache, often severe your neck, you only suffer from hypertension, but all of them will be checked. Urine, blood, anything that can be checked by the sophisticated tools, it will be examined. EEG, CT Scan, MRI even also not forgotten. Then, the result, the sheet piles, files, pictures you take home, a lot of notes in there, there is a given star (the star with an asterisk may project in the House), it means that there are not normal, according to the standard flat- prevailing average.
The increase in value just above the normal values ​​are considered, will be a star. Based on the results, then you will be sentenced with this disease, it is. You must be worried, scared, and asked to return control. This is one great there, sometimes the diagnosis is made by laboratory, sophisticated tools that other aspects oblivion. And, misuse of diagnostic tools do not need to be not Yag does not happen often, but because you are on the outside, and perhaps did not know you did not say anything. This is the greatness of others that I have seen.
Then, in a final note Medical Record that you take home must be present diagnosis. In the above example Hypertension patients grade II with cephalgia. And, besides that you will be advised the control back 6 months, 4 months or even sooner than that. Not only that, a bundle of drugs also will accompany your journey back to Indonesia, depending on the deal you want more control there. 4, 5, 6, 7, even 8 kinds of drugs into breakfast, lunch, and dinner you until the next 3-6 months. Imagine, how many bags you have to buy drugs there, as it implied that the drug does not exist here, or perhaps more expensive, and they are as they are also very confident that the drugs would not be problematic as long as you eat the drug, to 3 months or 6 months later. That’s the greatness of others
One case with my patient, it may be able to describe the greatness of it. Patient, call Mr. S when treated in my place, Mr. A if another treatment in Singapore, aged 78 years. Mr. S was old patient with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, and hypertension. Three days after discharge treatment on Foreign Affairs. Mr. S or Mr. A was complaining his body feels uncomfortable, sometimes cold sweats, like going to faint.
“This dock, the results there,” he said as he pulled out before I check the sheets one by one lab results, the photos done there. Finally, from the bag the other, the patient dispense medications, and then stack them on top of my examination table.
I briefly saw there was no 8-10 kinds of drugs, medications hypertension, diabetes, in addition to the two kinds of drugs especially Insulin either drug. “Whoa, a lot of medicine, sir,” I said half-inquired. “Yes dock, the patient said, pointing out one by one the drugs.”
Seeing the number of tests carried out, the drug brought the patient, I do not know how about the cost for that. Okay lah, sophisticated examination, expensive drugs for some people may not be a problem, let alone seek medical treatment outside the pocket is thick. But no matter how smart a doctor out there, segopok drugs for 3-6 months it will not necessarily be suitable and safe, and something undesirable could happen. This is the other side of the greatness treatment outside.
Then, when you experience such side effects, you will fly to it or if there is something that is considered malpractice incident, would you sue? Remember, the case is quite high malpractice claims in there, you just might not know, or did not dare.
Well, from my experience with a few patients who had consultations after a treatment there, and in the case above, I am often asked, “Is this a great saying?” I do not close my eyes, surely there is no excess, but that does not mean there is no shortage too. In fact, I see, patients often become objects of Indonesia, if I may say, to make money as much as possible.


How to Stay Fit and Lose Weight With Exercises

Have you been dieting for over a month and still not able to lose weight? Or have you been dieting with success and have had your efforts stalled out? What’s the problem? The reason is that you did not include exercises in your weight loss regimen. Recent studies have proved that exercising and eating fewer calories helps you in reducing weight faster in comparison to dieting alone. Exercise helps in keeping your body toned and active. How are exercises beneficial in reducing body weight and staying fit? Let’s find it out?
Body fat is one of the most horrible things to live with. You have to struggle to get into your favorite clothes and you worry each and every time that you have to appear in public at a special event or party. The best road to go down for a healthy and beautiful body is to add diet and exercise in your weight los and diet programs.
Most of the time nutritionists devise very restrictive diets for your weight loss plan which inhibits you from taking in all fast, carbohydrates, and sugary foods completely. This is really difficult to cope with for your body since the body takes time to get adjusted with a new dietary plan and this result in the health degradation and eventually halts weight loss too. But, after sometime you fail to follow such a restrictive diet and weight loss plan and your body that has been starved during this diets satiates its hunger by consuming more food than required which makes you gain weight and before you know it you’ve gained back more than you’ve lost.
It’s definitely better to follow a more moderate approach, rather than restrict everything that you’re used to, just add some exercise to and follow a program that you can live with for the long term. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change that were after not just a weight loss and diet program.
Ten benefits of exercises that help in losing body weight include:
1. It enhances your metabolism which aids in burning more calories
2. Increases energy levels which help you remain active throughout the day. You feel less fatigued and sluggish.
3. Strengthens your muscles and gives us the shape we desire
4. Improves blood circulation in the body muscles
5. Maintains and regulates blood pressure effectively.
6. Balances oxidation in the body which helps in easy breakdown of fat molecules
7. Decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the quantity of HDL (good cholesterol)
8. Diminish blood clotting chances
9. Balances blood sugar levels and improves digestion
10. strengthens joints
It’s been found out that exercise burns more calories than any other physical activity so make it a daily routine. Running alone helps in burning 560 calories in 30 minutes duration. Running is excellent, but don’t forget to include strength training as well.

Teach Children Early Active Living

STARTING active life will result in many benefits for children and families. In addition to burning energy, active lifestyle can lead to a better mood.
Children are particularly vulnerable to the threat of obesity. Therefore, teaching them active lifestyle from an early age can solve your problem of obesity in children.
“Ensuring a fun physical activity outdoors, the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors in the sun very good for the body, especially for children who are growing,” said dr. Grace Judio-Kahl, M.Sc, MH, CHt the launch of the book ‘Without Stress Solutions for Obese Kids’ at Cafe Du Jour, National Golf Senayan, Jakarta.
According to dr. Grace, sunlight can help change pro-vitamin D into vitamin D is beneficial to aid the absorption of calcium.
“It’s useless to force our children also take calcium supplements when getting less sunlight,” he continued.
Further dr. Grace pointed out some outdoor activities are beneficial, such as walking around the park or the zoo, and then swim or bike ride to the beach or around your home.
“If the situation does not allow for outdoor activities, then we should change the routine to the mall to visit the museums, traditional markets, or to hobbies child talents are beneficial, as it can also strengthen relationships within the family,” he said.
However, getting children into the fitness club is not a wise move. He thought the child would be enjoyed if the motion is like a game and more fun done with her friends.
“Invite your child to join a football club, basketball, badminton, martial arts or other sports,” he concluded.


Wrong Diet, Body Threatened Malnutrition

MANY methods of diet do to lose weight. Several methods are considered extreme and dangerous to your health. One method that is considered dangerous diet is fasting without planning.
While it is true that eating fewer calories will lead to weight loss, but nutrition experts have concerns that force an unhealthy diet will cause rapid deterioration. Fasting to do with diet without planning can cause people to think too much about food, and you may be eating too much on those days when you are allowed to eat, as reported by FoxNews.
How to diet with fasting and consuming nutritious food could potentially lead to malnutrition and poor eating habits. Studies also show that people tend not to succeed with diets that require fasting. In practice, researchers have observed that those who restrict their calories during the five days is not visible weight loss if they shop excessively on two other days.
Some susceptible people may experience an eating disorder when dieting. In addition, they may experience hunger even malnutrition. In order to avoid such threats, the key is to regulate eating and a balanced diet choices. Is a powerful way to control your weight.


A Beginner's Guide to Health and Fitness

Some people believe that once they hit a particular place in their lives, they can not longer get into shape once again. Whether or not they blame it on acquiring old age or they simply believe that they are beyond the position of no return, they turn away from the health club and turn to their couches. You do not have to have to do this. You can get into form at any age; no matter how prolonged it’s been given that you last exercised.
Enhancing Health and fitness Amount – Check out in with the Physician
If it has been a prolonged time considering that you’ve been able to perform out or given that you have made a decision to workout, it’s a excellent thought to examine in with your physician.
You will then be able to discover out regardless of whether you have any issues you will need to retain in thoughts as you are working out – or if you can merely begin software. Together with your medical doctor, you can assess your fitness amount and determine what the ideal starting up place may well be for you.
Begin Little by little and Create up Your Health and fitness
As well often, novices will jump into a physical exercise system doing a lot more than they must. When they do look at to do as well much, they may well finish up injured or simply end up too sore. You don’t have to give your all in the 1st workout or even in the first month of workouts.
What you do want to do is to test to workout at a pace which creates you breathe a tiny more rapidly and which creates your heart beat a small quicker. You don’t want to be out of breath or moving as quickly as you can.
Commence by walking as much as you can, stop, and then the subsequent day, look at to stroll a single minute farther. Before you know it, you will be strolling for an hour and not having any troubles with it. Then, after issues become as well effortless, then you can move onto anything much more challenging, like carrying out tiny jogs in among periods of strolling.
Discover Physical fitness Exercises Which Excite You Newbie’s need to be excited by their workout programs in order to stick with them. So, you don’t want to choose anything you will not take pleasure in.
Instead, try a entertaining dance class or bring your headphones with you when you walk to listen to your favorite music. The important is to do point which make you smile and which are issues you would do yet again and yet again.
Newbie’s can sense as however physical fitness is far from their reach. But by beginning gradually and accomplishing actions they like, they can begin to see that exercise is not just something that can be fun, but it’s something which becomes an aspect of their lives.

Healthy intake for Strong Bones

BONE form the basic structure of the support your body. Without strong bones, you would not be able to perform a variety of physical activities such as walking or even sitting.
To get strong bones, you need nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D will help solidify the bone. Have strong bones is certainly a necessity, and calcium is one of the main substances to maintain bone health. Here are some foods that can help strengthen bones, as reported by Magforwoman.
Or be a rich source of iron and calcium, spinach is on top the list of the best foods that make your bones stronger. Another important component of the spinach is vitamin K, vitamin A and magnesium. When combined, they help to make your bones stronger.
One of which is to provide you with a sufficient amount of calcium which is one of the main substances to keep your bones healthy. For those who do not like milk, can be replaced by eating yogurt to get the equivalent amount of calcium with milk. Yogurt is a delicious source of calcium that can be consumed by a variety of menu
fresh vegetables
You can not imagine having healthy bones without having sufficient quantity of fresh vegetables in your diet. Vegetables provide a great source of calcium which has a high nutrient which is important for the health of your body.
Eggs contain valuable nutrients to nourish your bones. Research has shown that eggs contain lots of healthy nutrients to the bone.
Fish are known to contain many nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D that makes bones strong. Fish oil is believed to reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis and bone loss in elderly women.


Nutrient Content of Red Beans

Kidney beans actually has the ability to cope with various diseases, among them capable of reducing blood vessel damage, can lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood sugar concentrations, and lower the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer.

Health Care & Medical Healthy

Building Self Confidence

Building Self Confidence The very first step is to accept yourself – lovingly. No person in the world in perfect so why bother to shed tears over your imperfectness. This is how God wanted us to be – Imperfect! We might have something that someone else may lack and someone else might be endowed with the qualities, which we lack. This incompleteness makes us go out and seek companions who make us feel loved, wanted and complete. Oh what a great feeling! Would we experience it if we were inside the cocoon of our perfection? Never! So accept yourself the way you are. It will free your mind of a heavy baggage of unnecessary worries. You will instantly feel light and cheerful.
Liberate yourself – Go out and do what you like! – How long it has been since you last went to have a walk among the pines – something that you loved as a child? How long has it been when you walked hand in hand with your friend to the bakery and tossed a coin to decide what to buy? These might seem very simple things but these simple things have the power to add on to build great confidence and fulfilment. Life if see is actually quite simple. What gets a bit too complex though is to remain simple. Isn’t it? Just as small drops of water make the mighty ocean, the little things you enjoy doing have the capability to turn you into a storehouse of confidence. When God made you, He put a desire in your heart and bestowed onto you the capability to achieve it. However, in the process of growing up, you forgot what exactly your purpose was, what is that you liked and what is that you enjoyed doing. It does happen with lots and lots of people who do feel like breaking free but are too tied up in their day to day responsibilities that it gets impossible for them to spare even 10 minutes to reflect on their lives, their direction, their dreams and goals. It’s our duty to clear the mess that prevents us from hearing to our heart. The conversations with your heart should keep getting clearer and the best way to do it is to find time to do what you enjoy. And since you enjoy doing that activity, it straightaway means that you have all the aptitude and intelligence necessary to do the job effortlessly even though you may not realize it.
Find your flock – Birds of a feather flock together. You must find out people with whom you enjoy being. They are certainly the people of your frequency and the energy flow between you and them is natural. Life becomes easy when you are among the people who are more or less on the same plane of thought as you and it’s easier to relate to them. They seem to understand you and vice versa thus creating conditions for healthy conversations. A good conversation is a very healthy exercise and an important need of our mind. We all want our ideas to be heard and appreciated and a good company provides platform for the same.
Set Achievable Goals and Go for it! – The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The idea is to begin with a small single step that can then further developed into giant strides. Learn to do the work at hand rather than to overwhelm oneself by looking at the entirety of a mammoth looking task. Just like the soil underneath your foot, the top of mountain too would someday be under your step. The only way to do something is to GO FOR IT! No matter how small the progress is the focus should be on completing a task successfully even though it’s a small task. A series of big uncompleted task is a sure shot way to depression. Break a big task into a list of small tasks to be completed. Tick off from your list each job successfully completed. A completed task no matter how small it is gives a sense of achievement that boosts our confidence and equips us with more energy to try a bigger task.


Consumption of chilli you avoid Parkinson's disease

LOTS of preventive measures to avoid Parkinson’s disease. In addition to regular exercise, the other way is by eating chili in your daily menu.
This is because the content of the chili as one healthy vegetable is very useful for the body. If someone regularly eating chillies then effectively reduce Parkinson’s disease.
Parkinson’s disease itself is nerve damage to brain cells that cause slow-moving, arms and legs always feel stiff.
Researchers have observed the 490 respondents who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and compares with 644 people who did not have the condition. After that, the respondents were required to answer questions in detail how eating habits and how often to eat vegetables during their lives.
The researchers found that chili can not only reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, but also the more a person consumes chili, the greater the benefits for the body. Explained that someone who ate chili five to six times a week or more, can cut the risk of Parkinson’s possible they are approximately 50 percent, compared with those with less.
Thus, it would not hurt you now enter chili in your daily menu. In addition to nourish the body, chili can be distanced from Parkinson’s disease.


The Black booster Testosterone

COFFEE has been a popular beverage worldwide for centuries. Many people rely on the caffeine content of coffee to give them a quick energy boost as well as some health benefits such as antioxidant properties. Effects of caffeine on health is one of them affects your testosterone.
Testosterone is the primary male hormone. This hormone is responsible for body functions in men and women from sexual development for muscle strength and growth of hair. Studies have shown that coffee, or rather the caffeine in coffee, has a strengthening effect on testosterone levels in the body, as reported by eHow.
Caffeine tends to stimulate the adrenal glands, which in turn stimulates the production of testosterone. Different numbers will have different effects on the body but generally no harmful side effects of increased testosterone with caffeine consumption, of course this depends on the amount of coffee consumption Anda.Bertentangan the effects of coffee on testosterone in adults, there are different results in pregnancy .
Pregnant women who consume large amounts of coffee risk of causing problems in the baby. Exposure to high amounts of coffee and caffeine as an adult male fetus causing abnormally low levels of testosterone. The study, conducted in Denmark, showed that women who drank about seven cups of coffee a day had a boy with 10 percent less testosterone than the children of mothers who ate three cups or less.