Nutritional deficiency When Baby Makes Short Body

MANY adverse effects of infant nutrition and less given ample for two years early. One of them, causing your child so short stature (stunting).
Nutrition at the age of two years are very important, the article when it underestimated the conditions and short legs already happened to you. Conditions that can not be repaired anymore. Worse, according to research from 2007 to 2010 states that this phenomenon does not change significantly, ie one third of infants in Indonesia.
“Riskedas data in 2007 showed that the incidence of mothers of children with short stature at 36.8 percent, after the subsequent years did not experience much decreased until in 2010, the percentage of children growing incidence of 35.6 per cent short. Or in other words, one-third or approximately five million of children under five in Indonesia experienced a short-bodied body.’s obviously a concern, “said Dr. Elvina Naidoo, M.Sc, PH.D, SpGK, nutritionist and director of Indonesian Micronutrient Initiative (MII) in the Growing Importance themed Love of Early Nutrition in Flower Goela Restaurant, Jl. General Sudiraman, Jakarta.
Therefore, he said, there is no other way of providing adequate nutrition asuapan with breastfeeding in the first half, after which blends soft foods, and if the baby had been a year already be introduced to the fruit and vegetables. It is very crucial, the article not only physically different leg length compared with others, malnourished babies in two years initial impact on the shortage of cognition (perception). Even worse, interfere with daily activities.
“If the number of someone who experienced stunting more and more, what will happen to the young generation of Indonesia’s future? I can not imagine. Problem is, it certainly lowered competitiveness with others later,” he explained.

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PSMS is threatened without a medical and physical

In this week, the squad PSMS Medan planned to hold a medical and physical tests before standardize team player if negotiations go smoothly. Unfortunately, the news is not going ahead reassure players that should have final exams begin tomorrow.


Breakfast Fruit, is Healthy Enough?

Some people do not have much time in the morning for breakfast so choose pinch a piece of fruit. Well, if the fruit is quite healthy breakfast?
Nutritionists at Breach Candy Hospital, Eileen Canday, as quoted by the Times of India, Tuesday (02/19/2013) says the consumption of fruit in the morning as sarapanakan affect your body. However, a piece of fruit will not provide all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
Breakfast Fruit
Canday also suggested that at breakfast not only eat a piece of fruit. Intake of calcium, fiber, and protein is also noteworthy. By eating these foods, then your body is better prepared to perform various activities.
A piece of fruit does not have enough nutrition. So how can you stay strong and vibrant until lunch time? Preferably at breakfast do not just eat a piece of fruit, but in combination with high-fiber foods such as oatmeal or whole grain so you fuller for longer.
Canday said breakfast of fruit is not enough to make you get the calories and protein. This fact is important as a preparation before you participate in activities during the day. Because it should reduce the intake of calories in the evening than in the morning.
Protein intake will also make you more resistant hungry. Therefore, if you are a piece of fruit only breakfast, so you can be faster than lunch time. Instead of breakfast with fruit, better fruit snack made ​​by midday.
To stay energized and excited about the move you should take 5-10 minutes for a balanced and nutritious breakfast. That way, the weight and your health better maintained.


Quick Kick For Quick Weight Losses

LOTS of women trying to lose weight without proper planning. As a result, instead of decreased body weight, but the health of the victims due to an unhealthy diet.
The desire to succeed, you need a well thought out plan to be doing the diet without sacrificing your health. To achieve the targets and goals, processes and discipline required in running the diet program. Here are some steps you can do to live a healthier diet program as reported Healthmeup.
– Set goals, how much weight you want to lose in a given time period. You must have realistic goals that do not endanger the health of Adna.
– To burn calories and fat accumulates, you need to sweat. In order for an effective weight loss, proper exercise and select according to your ability.
– Plan a healthy diet, the consumption of food is an important aspect to losing weight. Proper diet and exercise will be a good combination for burning excess fat in your body.
– Create a journal for your weight loss program will also help. A journal will make you see the results of the achievement of your weight loss program.


Choosing The Right Sports Bra

What do we do when sports is actually as important as the clothing worn. Use of the wrong clothes can actually interfere with your movement activity during exercise, and could result in the possibility of injury. Similarly, a special sports bra. The right bra can support the breast well and prevent slack.
What is a sports bra?
Sports bra is a bra specifically for the sport that has been designed in such a way as to give maximum support to the breasts and minimize the occurrence of oscillation. Whatever the size of your breasts, sports bras still needed so that you can fully focus exercise.
Why Sport Bra is needed?
* Prevent breast reduction.
Breast consists mostly of fatty tissue that is not elastic. As long as you exercise, the movement of the breast will force the ligaments to stretch. As a result, the breasts will be sagging. This is why sports bras are needed, because it serves to continue to support your breasts remain in position and avoid any slack.
* Overcoming the pain
Breast movement in which high intensity can cause pain in the breast, as well as problems upper back and shoulders.
* Maintain humidity
Sports bras can absorb moisture from the skin and throw it away, so it stays dry and provide comfort to you.
* Minimize the pressure of the breast
Every movement is less support such as running, can cause three-dimensional movement of the top-down, inside out, and sideways. This will ultimately result in discomfort and tension in the breast. With a sports bra, it can at least be reduced.
Type Sport Bra?
Sports bras come in different shapes and sizes. But generally the use of sports bras are classified depending on the type of exercise you do.
* Compression Bra, as the name suggests, this bra breast pressing function of the chest wall to limit movement. This type is suitable for those who use the cups A and B.
* Encapsulation bras. This type has a cup that surrounds and supports both breasts separately. Ideal is for D and DD cup sizes.
* Compression / Encapsulation bras. This type is commonly referred to as the ‘bra combination’. Because of this bra uses a combination of two techniques to support your breasts. This type of bra is suitable for those who have cup sizes C and D.
Selecting Sport bra
There are several basic factors to keep in mind when choosing a sports bra:
* Each bra that specifies the support that is different. To minimize movement of the breast, you need to choose a bra that provides maximum support. Sure, bigger breasts requires stronger support.
* Materials bra. To prevent blisters, you should pay attention to the humidity of the bra material. Stay away from the bra with cotton 100%, because once you start sweating, they will forever wet.
* Check the Straps. Make sure the straps are wide enough and not elastic. Narrow straps are also not recommended because it will make you uncomfortable
Sport bra is like running shoes, which need to be considered usage period. If you wear them three or more times a week, should you have to replace it with a new one every six months.
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Dark Chocolate Lower Blood Pressure

Dark chocolate has long been known health benefits. Results of analysis of 20 studies showed that consumption of dark chocolate every day will lower blood pressure.
Research conducted by the Cochrane Group reported, the active ingredient in chocolate is beneficial to make the blood vessels more relaxed. As a result, blood pressure drops.
Active substances that have a positive effect are flavonols, which in the body produces a chemical nitric oxide and blood vessels, weak so blood circulating smoothly.


Improving Senior Health Care

On May 11, 2009, Colorado Senator Michael Bennett introduced a new health care bill aimed to improve patient care and save money on health care costs. This new bill, the Medicare Transitions Act of 2009, is designed to improve patient care by ensuring that Medicare patients receive timely and effective follow-up care after they check-out of the hospital.


Leaves Ear Already Lined, Watchful Heart Disease

TO know someone suffering from heart disease, it is not only seen from the obesity factor. Those who have seen her earlobe wrinkles also be an indicator. You believe?
This might sound strange to those of you who just heard the first time, but it is serious. A recent study in The Journal of Angiology explained, diagonal folds or wrinkles in your ears can be an early sign of heart disease.
This was proven after inspection at 253 selected people with heart conditions pickle unedited. Researchers from Turkey is to find people with ears that look many times, about 10 percent more likely to suffer from deep vein thrombosis. In addition, the folds on the ears closely related to disorder of the arteries.
Meanwhile, Arthur Friedlander, DMD, a professor of oral and facial surgery at UCLA to address it, “It’s between the ears and the blockage of blood circulation which is the cause of heart disease-nothing. It could also be due to aging of the skin and blood vessels. According to him, it leaves your ears is the last point focuses on blood clots, so if you feel you have blood circulation disorders, usually clogging it appears as wrinkles in your ear. ”
Furthermore, he explained, before you go to the mirror now, try to ask yourself if there are wrinkles that result from aging or the results of this study have not been convincing.
“The results of this study can also be regarded as an abnormal study with other findings, such as hypertension and high sugar levels. However, this could also explain the wrinkles on your earlobes are subtle reminder for you, “said the researcher who also published research on the relationship between earlobe crease with deep vein thrombosis.
Then, he recommends if you feel to see wrinkles in your ears at the age of 40 years at the beginning, go to the doctor to check if you have heart problems. Similarly, as reported by Mens Health.


Consumption of Fish Oil Can Also Help You Lose Weight

Many options can be to lose weight, for example by changing your diet or increasing exercise intensity. Consumption of fish oil supplements are known to help reduce weight and increase exercise intensity.
Researchers from the University of South Australia conducted a study involving 75 people with a diagnosis of overweight or obese and have heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Researchers then divided the participants into two groups at random.
The first group was given a tuna fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids, while the second group was given sunflower oil with the same dose but does not contain omega-3 fatty acids.
Both groups were then split again, half not doing extra exercise each week. While the other half were asked to walk for 45 minutes every day. All participants involved in the study were asked not to change their diet pattern.
After 3 weeks of the study, three groups did not show much change, but the group given fish oil and exercise decreased the average weight of about 4.5 pounds and decrease overall body fat percentage.
“The result is more significant in the group taking fish oil and exercise, even after 8 weeks of the study period,” said the researchers in a summary published in the journal Food & Function.
Scientists believe that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may increase blood flow to muscles during exercise and these compounds help stimulate enzymes that play a role in the transport of fat so that the fat can be used for energy.
Omega-3 fatty acids are available in the form of a popular supplement used as a growth vitamins and other benefits, such as improving brain memory function, eye health, as well as the ability to reduce the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.
Supplements of omega-3 fish oil can be an effective natural supplements to help with weight loss when combined with exercise. Previous studies conducted in Japan and Norway, also found something similar that omega-3 fatty acids can promote weight loss diet.


Swallowing hard, Oral Cancer Alert

MANY who do not know that oral cancer can be. Oral cancer is usually associated with those who smoke heavily or frequently consume alcohol.
Not many know what are the symptoms of mouth cancer. In fact, this disease is one disease that is quite membahaykan your health. In each case, nearly 75-90 percent of people with oral cancer caused by smoking and alcohol consumption.
“There are many symptoms of oral cancer that warrant concern, arising among white or red patches in the mouth, mouth sores that do not heal, bleeding in the mouth, teeth, problems or pain when swallowing, a lump dileher, ear pain and ulcer, or swollen on the lips, “said Dr. Victor Fan, consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon Health Center Gleneagles, Singapore.
Other abnormalities include a lump or swelling, or sulcus that does not heal within two weeks to ten days. Cancerous ulcer tends to be hard and not always sick. If the cancer has spread to the tongue, then the patient may not speak well or eating difficult.
Early detection is the most important thing, so that oral cancer has not spread to other organs. “Early detection can mean 80 to 90% chance of recovery, but if kenker detected late, the chances fell to 20%,” said Dr. Victor.