Teach Children Early Active Living

STARTING active life will result in many benefits for children and families. In addition to burning energy, active lifestyle can lead to a better mood.
Children are particularly vulnerable to the threat of obesity. Therefore, teaching them active lifestyle from an early age can solve your problem of obesity in children.
“Ensuring a fun physical activity outdoors, the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors in the sun very good for the body, especially for children who are growing,” said dr. Grace Judio-Kahl, M.Sc, MH, CHt the launch of the book ‘Without Stress Solutions for Obese Kids’ at Cafe Du Jour, National Golf Senayan, Jakarta.
According to dr. Grace, sunlight can help change pro-vitamin D into vitamin D is beneficial to aid the absorption of calcium.
“It’s useless to force our children also take calcium supplements when getting less sunlight,” he continued.
Further dr. Grace pointed out some outdoor activities are beneficial, such as walking around the park or the zoo, and then swim or bike ride to the beach or around your home.
“If the situation does not allow for outdoor activities, then we should change the routine to the mall to visit the museums, traditional markets, or to hobbies child talents are beneficial, as it can also strengthen relationships within the family,” he said.
However, getting children into the fitness club is not a wise move. He thought the child would be enjoyed if the motion is like a game and more fun done with her friends.
“Invite your child to join a football club, basketball, badminton, martial arts or other sports,” he concluded.