Because of this, the body weight is rising

PROBLEM weight be quite daunting for both men and most women in general. Lack of exercise and overeating is a major factor. However, there are other simple things that can trigger your obesity.
Although both of these things contribute greatly in making your weight increases, but there are other factors that can be fairly simple, but it gives a similar effect to the two factors that cause obesity. Here is another factor that can cause you to gain weight as reported by Magforwoman.
You already run a strict diet and exercise regularly but still just your weight has not changed. Try checking the levels of tension or stress you face every day. In one study, stress can be a trigger factor banda weight increase. This is because the human body will produce hormones during stress, and the hormones can make the accumulation of fat in the body more and more.
lack of sleep
According to sleep researchers, lack of sleep affects our health by interfering with metabolic processes. This causes less muscle metabolism than fat which ultimately results in weight gain. Lack of sleep also makes you feel more hungry than usual and also make you prone to overeating.
The use of drugs
Some drugs prescribed to treat depression, seizures, mood disorders, migraine, diabetes and blood pressure can lead to weight gain. So, if you are experiencing gradual weight gain even with a healthy lifestyle, then it is better to check the medications prescribed for you.