Medical Treatment Abroad, What a great thing?

He said, medical treatment abroad that great? Whether what’s so great, I do not know. Endless, I have not been to the hospital there, and I virtually never sick, except for first-time students. Instead of medical treatment abroad, to pay the hospital at that time, I had to pawn my diploma. And, when it feels medical treatment abroad yet trendy. Not like now.
Then, great, it’s not great, what size?
The luxurious building, the tools are sophisticated, exceptional service, accurate diagnosis, the medication was a potent, low cost. Or perhaps, when you are expected to already want to die here, in Indonesia, or you have a short life expectancy, say can not be recovered again here, then you go to Singapore or Malaysia, then is not the case, so you do not die, you can then run again?
How the heck are critical here, people are saying there is no hope anymore, aka dying, then flown to it, then get up, recover from it? Perhaps there is, 1-2 patients.
What is in a hospital in Indonesia, there is no such a case? 1-2 patients who say there is no hope of living again, just to let go and pray there is also recovered.
Ok, to see the great treatment outside, now take a first aspect, the tools are sophisticated, complete. Sophisticated tools, often used as a benchmark for the complete patient that a hospital was great. Even. great-grand building is also associated with it. Well, as you become patient, with sophisticated tools that you checked, then you feel satisfied, happy, proud that with the tools that your disease is very difficult to predict.
All modern diagnostic tools were then used to investigate the possibility of your disease. Of A Z samapai examined, the results of the A to Z also exist. It was great there, if you for instance complained of headache, often severe your neck, you only suffer from hypertension, but all of them will be checked. Urine, blood, anything that can be checked by the sophisticated tools, it will be examined. EEG, CT Scan, MRI even also not forgotten. Then, the result, the sheet piles, files, pictures you take home, a lot of notes in there, there is a given star (the star with an asterisk may project in the House), it means that there are not normal, according to the standard flat- prevailing average.
The increase in value just above the normal values ​​are considered, will be a star. Based on the results, then you will be sentenced with this disease, it is. You must be worried, scared, and asked to return control. This is one great there, sometimes the diagnosis is made by laboratory, sophisticated tools that other aspects oblivion. And, misuse of diagnostic tools do not need to be not Yag does not happen often, but because you are on the outside, and perhaps did not know you did not say anything. This is the greatness of others that I have seen.
Then, in a final note Medical Record that you take home must be present diagnosis. In the above example Hypertension patients grade II with cephalgia. And, besides that you will be advised the control back 6 months, 4 months or even sooner than that. Not only that, a bundle of drugs also will accompany your journey back to Indonesia, depending on the deal you want more control there. 4, 5, 6, 7, even 8 kinds of drugs into breakfast, lunch, and dinner you until the next 3-6 months. Imagine, how many bags you have to buy drugs there, as it implied that the drug does not exist here, or perhaps more expensive, and they are as they are also very confident that the drugs would not be problematic as long as you eat the drug, to 3 months or 6 months later. That’s the greatness of others
One case with my patient, it may be able to describe the greatness of it. Patient, call Mr. S when treated in my place, Mr. A if another treatment in Singapore, aged 78 years. Mr. S was old patient with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, and hypertension. Three days after discharge treatment on Foreign Affairs. Mr. S or Mr. A was complaining his body feels uncomfortable, sometimes cold sweats, like going to faint.
“This dock, the results there,” he said as he pulled out before I check the sheets one by one lab results, the photos done there. Finally, from the bag the other, the patient dispense medications, and then stack them on top of my examination table.
I briefly saw there was no 8-10 kinds of drugs, medications hypertension, diabetes, in addition to the two kinds of drugs especially Insulin either drug. “Whoa, a lot of medicine, sir,” I said half-inquired. “Yes dock, the patient said, pointing out one by one the drugs.”
Seeing the number of tests carried out, the drug brought the patient, I do not know how about the cost for that. Okay lah, sophisticated examination, expensive drugs for some people may not be a problem, let alone seek medical treatment outside the pocket is thick. But no matter how smart a doctor out there, segopok drugs for 3-6 months it will not necessarily be suitable and safe, and something undesirable could happen. This is the other side of the greatness treatment outside.
Then, when you experience such side effects, you will fly to it or if there is something that is considered malpractice incident, would you sue? Remember, the case is quite high malpractice claims in there, you just might not know, or did not dare.
Well, from my experience with a few patients who had consultations after a treatment there, and in the case above, I am often asked, “Is this a great saying?” I do not close my eyes, surely there is no excess, but that does not mean there is no shortage too. In fact, I see, patients often become objects of Indonesia, if I may say, to make money as much as possible.