Cancer & Heart of drug Cannabis Seeds

MINISTER of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Dahlan Iskan said he was surprised to receive a proposal from the pharmacists to make medicines for cancer and heart of the leaves and seeds of marijuana.
“We proposed to make marijuana fields, why the state does not make cancer drugs from marijuana and marijuana seeds,” Dahlan said after Rapim in Taspen office, Jakarta.
Dahlan went on that should be studied in advance to respond to the proposal. The reason, the pharmacist has given reference to the Ministry of SOEs.
“I was shocked to hear it. Due to the unique, I was given the reference of the pharmacy, I have to learn first,” he added.
For your information, the legalization of marijuana have previously been carried out by the state of Colorado, United States (U.S.) is characterized by tens of thousands of Americans who smoke marijuana legally simultaneously. They smoke marijuana used for medical purposes.
“Action 420” was performed at City Park Denver, Colorado, where 10 years ago the founder of the movement, Ken Gorman, to take action to encourage the government to the legalization of marijuana. Now, an estimated 80 thousand people gathered to celebrate the legalization of marijuana is already established in November last year.