Keep Fit body? Keep These Three Things

Lately, bad weather makes many people sick. However, the condition does not have to happen if you can keep your exercise routine, diet, and adequate rest.
The third thing itself is the body that sustains the health of a person. If a do three things, body condition will always fit.
“If one wants to maintain fitness, they should keep three fundamental health. First, regular exercise, consumption of foods with balanced nutrition, and adequate rest. As long as they can keep those three things, surely your health is always good. Conversely, if there is one that is not maintained, it will definitely interfere with your body’s health, “said Rizal Idrus, winner of L-Men of the Year 2012 as well as the health consultant.
Furthermore, Rizal-as he was usually called-explained, this exercise can be done with cycling, jogging, swimming, or as you like. Then for the food, the menu can be varied, which is obviously still have no protein, vitamins, and adequate nutrition. As for the rest, he said, try rest should be fairly easy disease will attack you.
“Three is a cardio workout that can shield you from all diseases. Exercise can be done according to the activities that make you comfortable, food could also varied, origin persists protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are sufficient. But for sleeping, this is not negotiable. You see, enough sleep can make your immune system and hormones in the body awake stable. So, for those who want to feel fitter body continues, rest enough. It’s one of the keys, “Rizal lid.