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negative effects of alcohol on the body

Excessive consumption of alcohol will have a negative effect on the person who is drinking it. Both mentally and physically there can be detrimental effects that build up over time and slowly destroy a person’s health and personal life. There are so many negative effects of alcohol that it’s really not worth the effort of drinking as well as all the money that it costs in the long run.
Take a look at some of the different aspects that can be affected:
–    The Liver:
Chronic heavy drinking will cause both inflammation of liver cells leading to their destruction, as well as long term cirrhosis of the liver. This irreversible scarring prevents the liver from functioning as it should and will eventually lead to jaundice, accumulation of liver fat and can lead to illness and death as a direct result of the effects of alcohol.
–    Lungs & Heart:
Excessive alcohol consumption will lead to difficulty breathing and will also decrease the resistance to potential infection. The heart will suffer from increased blood pressure, cardiomyopathy (weakened muscles in the heart), and irregular heartbeats. The heart is the most important part of the body so it’s really not smart to damage it whatever age you are, it doesn’t make a difference if you are young or old.
–    The Rest of the Body:
All of your body will be effected in a negative way should you continue to drink heavily. Your stomach muscles and lining will be more susceptible to infection, ulcers and prevent all the different organs from performing their duties effectively. Muscles and bones will also weaken over time.
–    Mental Effects:
Alcohol is a depressant and causes a heavy drinker to become drowsy for much of the time. They will also become seriously impaired over a long period of time. In the short term drinkers will experience mild euphoria, a loss of inhibition and a dulling of the senses. Over time you can become depresses, dependant on alcohol and lose your motor skills as the damage takes hold.
Heavy alcohol consumption over a long period of time will have a detrimental effect on the user as there are so many negative effects of alcohol including some of the main ones outlined above, but there are also hundreds more. Of course it is possible to enjoy alcohol in a managed way by drinking sensibly and within your limits at all time. Just be wary that excessive drinking over time will destroy both your body and mind.