Handling First When Sick Children

WEATHER still makes changing health conditions become susceptible to disease. Children are also not immune from the threat of diseases such as colds or coughs. You can do a simple treatment the disease will worsen your child’s health condition.
Sick ChildrenSome illnesses such as colds, coughs and flu can strike easily. Unstable weather conditions and weakened immune can easily make your child sick.
Especially if your child likes to play and probably touching objects contaminated with germs or contracting playmate who carry the virus disease. Here is a simple treatment that you can do to treat your child suffered a cold or cough, as reported by FoxNews.
Menthol can be very good for soothing sore throats. Ginger tea and echinacea are also effective in reducing the symptoms of colds. For nasal congestion, use eucalyptus oil. And reduction in heat, you can put a towel soaked with warm water over your child’s head and let him breathe.
The best way to relieve cough and to thin mucus so it can be expelled cough cough that determine the type of your child first. Dry cough is a cough with phlegm that is difficult to remove and should be thawed and wet cough, cough with mucus that also must be removed. It will be easier for you to determine the appropriate cough medication.
Oscillo is the most widely used and popular flu natural remedies all over the world. Oscillo can prevent the flu is getting worse. But it is in Indonesia this drug has not been too well known by the public.
Elderberry extract and echinacea can also help to shorten the time of illness so you can feel better.