Tips and Tricks Choosing Medical Devices

Many of the circulation of various types of medical equipment that the market makes us as consumers have lots of choices as well as extra careful and selective. There are several types of medical equipment that we need to know:
medical devices
1. Medical devices to a limited circle, for hospitals and health professions. Such tools requiring special skills to operate. Examples of tools are ultrasonography (USG), X-Ray, etc..
2. Medical equipment to the general public or private. How pengoprasiannya easy and does not require any special skills. For example wheelchairs, thermometers and others.
For the general public outside the health professions, there are some tips in choosing medical devices, among others:
1. define the purpose and function of the purchase of medical equipment, to get the right results, you should consult with a health worker, so that medical equipment purchased is not futile.
2. Finding information and complete details about the medical device. Can through you, or mellaui internet.
3. Choose health tools that have official permission from the department of health and stadarisasi.
4. Adjust tool Existing health budget. Generally, products made ​​in China in the neger or less than the product of Europe, America and Japan.
5. Also ask about the warranty, maintenance and how to operate the equipment to a distributor or retailer.
With the above tips hoped we could use medical devices according to function and avoid mistakes in the use of medical devices.