6 Tips to Stay Fit During Pregnancy Agency

When a woman feels normal exercise routine because they have a lot of work that a lot of responsibility. However, if the condition was not pregnant.
Because physical activity such as sports when a baby is very dangerous, especially if the content is still under the age of four bulan.Janin miscarried a real threat when exercising too tired.
Related risks, the experts did not deny that exercise is good for pregnant women to make the body become fitter. But indeed, should be adjusted to your last health condition, so that pregnant women stay fit and the fetus develops as it should.
So, what kind of exercise should be done in order to hold the body in shape while pregnant?
Below there are several tips to keep your body healthy during pregnancy, as reported Magforwoman, including the following:
Listen to your doctor
Before you decide what type of exercise to do, you should consult with your obstetrician. Where the doctor will guide you what kind of exercise in accordance with the medical history and your current health condition. Believe doctor can provide the most appropriate type of exercise ang, in accordance with the condition of your body.
Listen to your body
When you exercise while pregnant, it is important to not over-exert yourself. Then, make sure you warm up before starting an exercise routine, and stretch towards the end. When the exercise that you feel heartburn or sudden pain, stop immediately and talk to your gynecologist. Related to that, you also have to know that you feel is a good exercise for the body for a month, could not well for the future months.
Practice Yoga
Familiarize the benefits of yoga during pregnancy is very good, where yoga will help you change leblih good mood, cramps, back pain and trouble breathing.
A moment to go for a walk
You can start with a routine walk five to ten minutes per day. Then, slowly ditingkatskan duration of exercise should be provided in accordance with the fitness level of your body. In the meantime, you can also choose to do a fast for 20 to 30 minutes three or four perpekan.
A balanced diet
It is very important to mendaparkan body weight is not excessive, especially after childbirth. The other also, the benefits of eating foods with balanced nutrition is to help protect the health of the fetus during pregnancy.
Drinking lots of water
No matter which sport doctor recommended to you, the most important is to keep your body constantly hydrated all the time. Where you can drink water before, during and after your exercise routine.