New malaria drug discovered

Tropical Diseases Research Center, Airlangga University Surabaya find active compounds in the extract Cempedak tree (Artocarpus champeden) and bitter (Andrographis paniculata). In the clinical trials, Cempedak extract can cure malaria patients within five days of treatment.
This was conveyed by Aty Widyawaruyanti as Chairman of Antimalarial Drug Research Team at the Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga University, Surabaya. This explanation was delivered during a visit by journalists who held the Ministry of Research and Technology.
In the study, which is also clearly Aty researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy Airlangga University, known to some of the active compounds, especially flavonoids known heteroflavanon C interchangeable crippling malaria parasites. “Clinical trials have now come to the second phase, that of the malaria patients,” said Aty.
The second phase of testing involved 60 patients. At diberika treatment dose 2 tablets a day. After a few days the patient is fever and chills. On the fifth day the patient recovered.
To be produced and marketed, still needed two more stages involving more patients, “he explained. Drugs should also be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.
Cempedak as an investigational drug regimes since 2001 has now obtained a patent for the extraction and isolation of active compounds. Patent registration as an antimalarial drug. Herbal ingredient called Artoner is packed in capsules for trial to the patient.
“This product pharmaceutical research, although only 70 percent had stage clinical trials are in demand by a pharmaceutical industry to produce,” added Head of Laboratory of Phytochemistry herbal ITD, Achmad Fuad Hafid.
Other research
Cempedak research to cure malaria, further Aty, traditionally inspired its use in Borneo for malaria drugs and mosquito bite prevention rub solution. Besides Cempedak also conducted research on the allied plants jackfruit, breadfruit tree, and breadfruit. But not as good as Cempedak usefulness.
While the research conducted on bitter herbs also found that antimalarial compounds Androglafolida. But for herbs that have been consumed as a herbal medicine that has not reached clinical trials.