This way your child avoid diabetes

BABY born of gestational diabetes results or toddlers who have a potential obesity to diabetes. Take preventive steps early on can prevent your child from that risk.
It is expressed as dr. Dyah Purnamasari, SpPD, Staff Division of Metabolic Endocrinology, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. He said that knowing early treatment, then do so risk-free that important points, such as providing a lot of physical activity and teaches healthy lifestyle.
“First, avoid children playing games. Son was addicted to the game when, they often eat late and minimal movement activities. Course this is the opposite, where the prevention of diabetes that have a lot of physical activity,” he said in an interview in the event themed Diabetes in Women , Kencana Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Central Jakarta, recently.
He added that parents should provide or include activities such as attending early childhood physical activity or routine morning walk. But despite all that, said dr. Dyah, which is the main invite your child maintain a healthy lifestyle.
“To introduce and give an explanation to a healthy lifestyle, it is important to prepare a healthy generation. However, there are things more important and should be noted, that the behavior of the parents themselves. Because the child imitate what parents are doing. This is natural when parents just introduced without making healthy lifestyle habits in a family environment. efforts will be useless, “added the woman was smiling.
Regarding infants born to mothers who had gestational, he said, most powerful way to provide breast milk for six months as needed. This could happen because breast milk is the best nutrition to not only remove the thirst of the baby, but could protect, destroy bacteria, and stabilize glucose in infants.