Tea Keep You from Heart Disease

WORD who stay away from heart disease and stroke disease is difficult? In fact, quite consuming tea every day to avoid your proper protection from heart disease.
As it is based journal published by the Archives of Internal Medicine, The Netherlands. Explained that drinking tea can reduce 50 percent of severe atherosclerotic disorders (hardening and narrowing of blood vessels) in women. These properties can be felt when a woman drinking a glass or two cups a day. Of course it is very good for heart health where the beginning of heart problems is the narrowing of blood vessels.
The study also explains that women who consume five cups a day had the lowest risk of atherosclerotic disorders. The results also showed a similar trend in men, as reported by FoxNews.
Journal Stroke also reinforces the benefits of healthy drinks. Found that individuals who consume green tea, black, white in the long term, can reduce the risk of stroke by 60 percent.
The reason why tea can keep one’s heart healthy and avoid the risk of stroke, researchers say that it is caused by an abundance of antioxidants in tea to play an important role in preventing chronic disease that second.
Therefore, there is no harm in taking the time to drink tea now in order to maintain the health of your heart.