Boomer Health and Well-Being

Baby Boomers have a reputation of “pushing the envelope.” As they age and the oldest of the Boomers are now in their 60s, they’re pushing the healthcare system to put a more serious focus on getting better care, as well as wellness and prevention. In fact, by 2029, the 65 and older population will nearly triple. Additionally, projections are that six out of ten Boomers will have more than one chronic health condition that requires medical intervention.
With that in mind, for most Boomers the question is not how to prepare if the need for surgery or some other medical procedure arises, but rather, how to prepare when the need is eminent. Realize, too, that medical care goes way beyond doctor recommended procedures. Even healthy Boomers will face surgery as more and more go in for elective and cosmetic procedures. And research shows that the more prepared these health care consumers are, the better their outcome.
Many people mistakenly believe when it comes to health care, especially surgery, few things are in the patient’s control. In reality, you can do plenty to make sure your operation and recovery go as smoothly as possible. Further, given the challenges getting care in our current health care system, the more people become wise consumers of health care, the better care they can get from health providers.
Studies done over the last twenty years have shown that surgical patients who have been prepared so that they are calmer before the procedure experience less pain, heal quicker, have fewer complications, and leave the hospital earlier. Realize, though, that preparation can go beyond the simple pre-op checklist of instructions your physician may give you. Depending on the nature of the procedure you need, your anxiety level regarding the surgery, and your individual personality style, you may benefit from support and guidance from someone who specializes in a trauma education and healing practice, like Somatic Experiencing, which works to calm your nervous system, strengthen your resources, and align with the healing nature of the procedure. Some people can prepare alone by following the recommendations outlined below.
Since any type of surgery or medical procedure involves stepping out of your comfort zone, the important thing is to move beyond the shock, fear, or frustration of the impending surgery and into a healing vortex or balanced state. The following steps will enable you to achieve precisely that.

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