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Set Up Time at the health center

Providing health card that can be used for treatment Jakarta residents, attract residents to access health services.
However, patients should be prepared to provide time to complete the administrative process before getting health care at health centers.
Head of Gambir subdistrict health center, Dr. Weningtyas, Wednesday (30/01/2013), said patients should prepare KTP (identity card) and family cards during registration at the clinic. Officers will verify the data.
Patients also had to fill out a form, which will be useful for the clinic to submit a claim to the city government. “This process is time-consuming,” said Weningtyas.
However, health card services alleviate residents, as medical treatment required will be given free of charge.
Weningtyas warned that cosmetic measures such as installation of braces are not covered by government insurance. In addition, laboratory checks must get a recommendation from the doctors clinic.