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PSMS is threatened without a medical and physical

In this week, the squad PSMS Medan planned to hold a medical and physical tests before standardize team player if negotiations go smoothly. Unfortunately, the news is not going ahead reassure players that should have final exams begin tomorrow.
One of the officials in charge of the licensing process PSMS State University of Medan (Unimed) as the venue of physical tests and medical tests, Heru Prawono, said it is plagued with” old debt “PSMS before. ” There is no definitive answer, but the Unimed seemed undeterred by the name PSMS, they can not answer, “said Heru met yesterday.
Although currently, PSMS handled that in fact the new, which is chaired Indra Sakti Harahap cs, nonetheless the Unimed still does not give answers to the petition PSMS Unimed as a venue to hold that the physical and medical tests. ” Well, maybe they do not want to know it is now managed PSMS new people. But since his name may PSMS, “said Heru again.
Nevertheless, it still seeks to approach the authorities in order to request Unimed received the blessing. ” Tomorrow morning we will meet with the dean to discuss this Unimed. Hopefully there will be a bright spot, “he hoped
Physical Test squad PSMS Premier Division season 2008/2009 was held on August 4, 2009 Unimed ago. At that time, just like this season, PSMS Medan diarsiteki Suimin Diharja. Indeed, the physical tests more quickly about two months of pre-season physical tests are planned to be held around this week.
Treasurer PSMS Medan, Sugeng Rahayu trying confirmed yesterday via his cell phone number, failed to get his statement because his phone is off.
In fact, Suimin Diharja target, on 25 October, the entire selection process until the negotiation is expected to be completed. ” Hopefully, come October 25, the player has finished recruitment matters. Hopefully the schedule was met by October 29, and will begin training camp, “he said.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the PSMS Medan, Indra Sakti Harahap deplore the situation. According to him, the act of a handful of people have tarnished the name of PSMS Medan and strangely, this condition has long terbiarkan.