health Psychology


Balikpapan, (29/01). Kabintaldam VI / MLW Col. Inf Damar Teguh Santoso aerobic apples on the ground led Bekangdam VI / MLW Jalan Sudirman Balikpapan Tuesday, January 29, 2013.
Apple aerobic activity followed by 1084 personnel consisted of officers, non-commissioned officer, enlisted and civil service ranks Kodam VI / MLW. Before performed aerobic run for 45 minutes beforehand begins with ends with gymnastics gymnastics heating cooling and breathing.
After the implementation of aerobics followed by a briefing Kasdam VI / MLW Brigadier General Wiyarto, S.Sos. On that occasion Kasdam VI / MLW communicate the importance of mental and physical health care for soldiers and civil servants to support activities of daily life.
Aerobic activities are done properly and orderly, with predetermined rules that for 45 minutes. Divided into sections, the five-minute warm up, followed by running 12 minutes with the goal of burning glucose (blood sugar), the 4 minute then run 10 minutes in order to burn carbs, a 2 minutes, then run 10 minutes and the last 7 minutes with goals burn fat.
It also Kasdam added on how to maintain the health and strength of the spine as the main support of the human body to Sit Up or lifting both legs up and move forward and back to the supine body position, it needs to be practiced on a regular basis so that it will be perceived result by obtaining reinforcement the muscles of the spine to sustain our bodies.