Pregnant Woman Three Times More at Risk Veins

AS is known that more varicose veins in women during pregnancy. Apparently, the possibility that the risk of getting many times when a pregnant woman three times.
This, as explained by Dr. R. Suhartono, MD, Chairman of the Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon Indonesia. He explained that a woman who suffered three times more at risk of pregnancy affected by varicose veins compared to previous pregnancies.
“The effect of varicose veins in pregnant women is very high, especially women who experience pregnancy third. Recorded, the percentage of women at risk of the effects of a first pregnancy as much as 15 percent, then 30 percent in the second pregnancy, and the last increase, at 57 percent in women who had a third pregnancy, “he said when met at an event themed Educate People About Dangers of Impaired The vein in 3 House, Kuningan Village, Jakarta.
He explained the reason pregnant women are often the greater the risk due to the pressure of gravity and womanly things.
“Trigger greater risk of varicose veins in women in the third pregnancy, among others, the influence of hormonal and crush the veins due to enlarged uterus. In addition, the pressure of gravity that makes it difficult to move pregnant women, not to mention the third pregnancy was at the age that is too old. This is the main cause of the higher risk of varicose veins. Of this condition could explain that the pregnancy is going to four or five times closer to varicose veins, “he explained.