Quick Heal sick? The key …

There are many ways to restore health when a sick man. One of them, enough sleep.
This is useful for detoxification because it was poison, disease, and damage cells in the body. This is the importance of sleep to the recovery of the body.
“Actually, a person who has been accustomed to exercise, certainly will not be easy to fit, it’s the first point. But if it already sick, sleep enough. This is because through the bed can cleanse poisons or disease in the body. Besides, we can repair cell damage that occurs, “said Rizal K. winner of L-Men of the Year 2012.
Furthermore, he explained that the recovery of food intake also affects a person’s health. She recommends eating foods that have nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
“The food that enters the body can greatly affect whether a speedy recovery. For that, you should eat foods that contain protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are sufficient. You can get it by eating nuts, vegetables, citrus fruits, or have vitamin C and meat. However, avoid cooking meat with fried in oil to maintain the quality of its benefits, “he explained.