Kidney Donors should of Family

Donors for patients with kidney failure are difficult to find. However, it should be sought from the family in order to avoid disruption in the future.
Terms of the donors themselves can be a relationship between parent and child, brother of the patient. The reason is to prevent organ dysfunction in later life.
“The advantages of organs from relatives and family are on the suitability of blood vessels in patients and kidneys would be fitting when placed on the patient’s body. Conditions will help patients more quickly adapt and function. In addition, kidney transplant surgery is usually performed only once. So, the donors of family functioning likely sooner, “said Dr. Arry Rodjani S.PU in the event themed Children First Kidney Transplant in Indonesia, 6th Floor Auditorium RS. Cipto Mangunkusumo, Central Jakarta.
Before the surgery, he said, donors should be healthy all conditions, whether of the liver, all of his organs. But most importantly, the two kidneys should be in good condition.
“When donors want the surgery, both have healthy kidneys. The reason, we (the team doctor) should be able to guarantee he will not die from a kidney live. Moreover, the donor must be sincere in this process, so that no matter who does not need to happen in the future, “he concluded.