How to Relieve Flu Without Medication

The rainy season like now, the common cold attack.
If it is so, do not rush to take medication because it has a stout chemical side effects on your body.
Here are natural ways that can treat the flu. Besides easy to make, certainly more secure.
1. Raw Garlic
Garlic is rich in antioxidants that are necessary immune system. Eating raw garlic can boost immunity. If you sneeze is a sign of continuing flu, consumption of raw garlic thinly sliced ​​with crackers. Although slightly pungent breath, but your body will improve.
2. Chicken soup
This recipe has been known potent flu dissipate. Chicken soup can reduce inflammation and speed up the mucus. For best results, make your own chicken soup. Boil chicken, carrots, onion, and celery for 6 hours. The longer the boil, the more goodness protein produced from chicken bones.
3. Natural Cough Medicine
If the flu with a cough, you can make a natural cough syrup. Just three ingredients are needed, namely, lemon juice as a source of vitamin C and anti-bacterial, honey stamina enhancer that fight fatigue, and warm water. Combine all three and consumption of a teaspoon as often as possible until the cough subsides.
4. Salt Water
Table salt can be a cure when exposed to cold because of the weather. Dehydrating effect of salt can remove excess fluids that make the throat swell once deadly germs. When you feel bad throat or phlegm, make a saline solution with warm water and gargle three times a day. It was actually not too bad, but the effect is very fast and help treat the symptoms of flu.
5. Evaporation
Colds usually occurs during cold weather. Respiratory evaporative cooler can help wind out of the body. Create your steam herbs to taste. Simply boiled mint, or rosemary, and inhale fumes immediately. Another way you can steam bath also helps relieve headaches and chest tightness. For instant way, sucking mints can temporarily relieve your runny nose.